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Protests calling for general elections in Peru since Thursday and the shutdown of Congress have spread to 18 of the country’s 24 regions this Monday. have passed Five days after Pedro Castillo’s failed self-conspiracy And the protests have not stopped escalating. Seven people have died in the south, two of them teenagers and three 18-year-olds, in a police crackdown on peaceful demonstrations and acts of vandalism. Tina Polwart’s new government, close to an opposition majority, has disqualified the rallies since Sunday, accusing them of being bullies, paid by the bureaucracy. Castilistas Or to the infiltrators who were part of the terrorist organizations that disappeared at the end of the 90s, the contempt of the political class for the demonstrators has angered the citizens and groups that are increasing every day in the streets.

Reasons for that Many people are protesting against Congress They are not new. They have been around since 2017, but have reawakened with recent events.

The conservative parliamentary majority – tried to remove Castillo from the first day of his mandate. There is 86% rejection, according to a poll at the end of November. He also chose a constitutional court as he saw fit, and wanted to do the same with the new Ombudsman, but the body’s union-provided judicial appeal prevented him.

Since 2017, Congress has lost constitutional figures that allow for balancing and separation of powers: presidential vacancy due to permanent moral incapacity, question of trust, and constitutional impeachment. The abuse of these mechanisms in small power battles explains why Peru has had six presidents since 2016. The attorney general, who took office in July and was the first to denounce Castillo for corruption in office –Now rebellion and conspiracy– Associated with the opposition majority.

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In November, the Institute of Peruvian Studies studied what would happen if Castillo were banned. 87% of those surveyed responded that general elections should be held, so parliament should not continue once the president is removed. The consensus in the country is that the Legislature has devoted too much time and budget to formulas to evict the rural teacher from the palace, thereby neglecting the public interest and issues plaguing the citizenry.

Castillo won the election by promising better living conditions for people who had always been discriminated against, especially the rural community – where he came from – and the indigenous people. He also provided the Constituent Assembly. He did nothing in 16 months of rule. But 27% of Peruvians trust him and approve of his administration. Maybe they felt represented because someone like them came to the presidency.

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But there is another reason why resistance is growing. The first victims of the police crackdown on protests in the south were a 15-year-old schoolboy and worker, fatherless; and an 18-year-old farmer. Police violence was broadcast live and live by local digital media and hundreds of citizens recorded videos of the disproportionate police force from their windows or rooftops. Anger is fueled by what they see as abuses by institutions supposed to monitor the democratic system.

This Tuesday, at six o’clock in the morning, the police checked 59 roads blocked by the protesters. Dina Boluarte and the new government of Congress have not yet read the severity of the symptoms, while analysts and some regional governors suggest an election schedule that calms the streets a bit.Although the president talked about 2024, nothing official yet– and an investigation to determine the cause of death.

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