WHO has asked for transparency in data exchange from the new wave of COVID that has gripped the world.

Concerns are growing globally about a new wave of COVID in China (REUTERS / Thomas Peter).

The World Health Organization (WHO) met this Friday Chinese leaders to deal with the situation COVID-19 And demand transparency in data sharing on the Asian giant’s new wave of infections.

“A high-level meeting was held between WHO and China on December 30 on current cases,” the UN agency said in a statement.

WHO asked A stable and real-time exchangee epidemiological data, as well as vaccination data, especially for vulnerable populations and those over 60 years of age,” he added.

The meeting took place after the Director-General of WHO. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, I will criticize the lack of information Provided by Chinese authorities.

“In the absence of full information from China, it is understandable that countries around the world are acting in ways they believe can protect their people,” the WHO chief said on Twitter.

According to the WHO, officials from the Chinese Health Commission, with functions similar to those of the ministry, provided them with the data Strategy to control and prevent the spread of the virus and promote vaccinations in the country.

The UN agency “recalls the importance of vaccinations and vaccinations, which protect vulnerable populations from severe forms and death.”

He “called on China to strengthen control of the virus’s sequencing.”

To fully relax measures to contain the coronavirus,
The Chinese regime’s decision to move from a more restrictive policy known as “COVID zero” to completely relaxing measures to contain the coronavirus has unleashed a wave of massive infections (REUTERS/Tingshu Wang)

This meeting took place on the same day France, England, Spain, Israel and South Korea They announced that They will need a Covid-19 test, For all travelers from China with a negative result.

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Those five countries join the United States and several European and Asian countries that have taken similar measures since China abruptly lifted all health restrictions earlier this month to contain the outbreak.

These countries fear that the widespread circulation of the virus in the Asian giant could favor the emergence of new variants.

The conclusion that Chinese rule To move from a more restrictive policy known as “COVID zero”. Make its measures completely flexible to contain the coronavirus Although Xi Jinping’s government has sought to hide the death toll from the epidemic, it has unleashed a wave of massive infections that have overwhelmed the country’s hospitals and crematoriums.

In addition, Beijing fully publicized the trip, forcing other countries to take steps to check the health status of thousands of people arriving from the Asian country to prevent a new spread of the coronavirus in their regions. The situation is similar to that at the beginning of the pandemic.

However, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) considers these tests “unreasonable” in the European Union (EU), given the level of immunity of the bloc’s population and the presence of the same strains. Covid than China.

(With information from AFP)

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