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Ennis first entered the luxurious Cappadocia residential complex north of Bogotá as an employee. In apartment 802, Valentina Trespalacios, a 21-year-old DJ, was found strangled.

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The employee assured the prosecutor’s office that the foreigner who rented the apartment left at 11:45 a.m. on Sunday, January 22. Also, she threw her clothes on the passenger seat of the car she was sitting in, grabbed a couple of suitcases and asked for more time to make room.

When Ennis entered 802, he said everything was in order, including that someone had swept the apartment: “There were condom wrappers in the bathroom trash cans and sliced ​​lemons in the kitchen. (…). The beds were unmade. Nothing strange to me, the towels were clean”.

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However, Daniel Gomez, the lawyer in the case, is reassuring The foreigner the employee refers to, John Nelson Poulos, cleaned up the crime scene that claimed the young DJ’s life.

Laura Hidalgo, the mother of Valentina Trespalacios, assures that Poulos was jealous and hired a private investigator.


Cesar Melgarejo and Sergio Acero Yate. Time

Photographs of the body

This is the Cappadocia building north of Bogotá where Valentina Trespalasios and John Poulos stayed.

“He took her to an apartment with Carrera 21 on 101st Street, had sex with Valentina, then grabbed her by the neck and severely beat her. (…). He pressed his hands and hit her with his fists (…). He treated the body in a brutal manner, making her inhuman.Gomez told the inquest.

That is why he asked for an investigation Aggravated femicide and destruction of evidence, punishable by up to 40 years in prison.

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On Thursday, they began meeting at the same time as the young woman’s burial – complete with mariachis, gunpowder and electronic consoles. The videos show Bolos carrying the suitcase in 802 to a market cart and struggling to deposit it in a gray rental car upon arrival in Bogotá.

The same vehicle was recorded by security cameras two hours later next to a garbage container in Los Campos Park. 9 minutes from El Dorado Airport. The footage shows a man getting out, opening the trunk and throwing a suitcase into a trash can.

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Photographs hosted by EL TIEMPO A blue suitcase, sealed with black tape and no wheels, DJ’s neck and head outside, blood from her mouth and nose. It was next to a blanket, a bleach container, and several garbage bags.

‘He said he would use it’

The murdered DJ last played at a bar in Restrepo.


private file.

On Tuesday, January 24, Poulos was arrested in Panama while trying to travel to Turkey in his handbag. According to the prosecutor, he was wearing the same masking tape that “shrouded the body.” Also, $7,000 in US tracking cash.

Pablo Silva, Valentina’s ex-boyfriend and manager, said DJ’s dream was to play in Europe. And for this he attended DJ Academy.

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He also recently underwent abdominal surgery; And the saree she was wearing appears in the forensic record stating the cause of death: “Signs of strangulation given by presence of five purplish pressure grooves on anterior face of neck.”

In this vehicle the young woman will be accompanied by her partner.

Testimony indicated that Poulos, a 35-year-old financial agent, expressed suspicions about his partner. In fact, one of the motives being investigated is that he may have had a previous plan to end the life of Valentina, whom he met on Instagram a year ago.

Manuel Montoya, an executive at Massey Motors car rental company, offered a clue. He said Poulos arrived to claim the reserved Volkswagen trip on Friday, January 20, a day after arriving in Colombia.

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“The conversation begins with Mr. Poulos, in which he mentions that he is visiting his girlfriend and feels that she is using him. Because it looks so good on him. And he shows me Valentina’s photo,” the employee said.

Detective and trap

Further, There is evidence that Poulos convinced Valentina that they were going to move in together. But many reports contradict it.

The apartment where Valentina took her belongings seems to have been rented for 3 days; Despite the American’s promise that he would go to Colombia, he brought very little in a blue suitcase.Ugh, it’s missing a wheel.

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The car was rented for 72 hours, and Poulos is known to have penetrated another woman. A day ago T.J. She came with her anger.

The Americans’ suspicions about the relationship were raised by Valentina in CancunThey met in person in May 2022.

The young woman may have traveled to Mexico with John Poulos.

One of her friends shared the chat where Valentina Trespalacios says Poulos wants to marry her.

“He wants to get married (…), he was a bit bored because I didn’t kiss him. And he said, ‘I know you’re not attracted to me. You don’t have to pretend.”Valentina wrote to a friend.

Then they came Jealousy, Suspicion and Inquisitor’s Scenes A follower of Valentina.

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Laura Hidalgo, DJ’s mother, described one of those episodes: “She had a problem with him in December (…). She had a DJ gig and told her that since John was abroad, out of jealousy (…) he had hired a private investigator to track her down. A friend touched his leg and he got into trouble. My daughter said he was crazy. Stopped talking to him and blocked him. Then he talked to my son so they would forgive him and they came back. Hidalgo pointed out.

‘I was very nervous’

The young lady made national and international presentations in famous nightclubs.

A friend of Valentina’s assured that Poulos may have discovered that DJ was traveling with another man: “…He (Poulos) is going to do a consignment for $1,000. But Valentina had gone to Aruba with Santiago. He doesn’t know how to ignore John and tells him he has a touch there. He said he needs money and will send it to me through Moneygram exchange house.

And added it I learned that they consume 2CB (Tusi): “(…) on Friday they asked 2 CB at Restrepo Disco and John consumed. But what Valentina told me was that he went crazy, he was heavily medicated, He said he became very excited and wanted to party and party, but he didn’t tell me if he became aggressive.

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An Uber driver who moved him through Bogotá He admits hearing about the drug.

Family and friends attended the funeral of Valentina Trespalacios. They bid him farewell with mariachis, electronic music and gunfire.

Poulos faces up to 41 years in prison.

But it was the Massey Motors worker who provided another relevant piece of information: “The man comes at 3:30 pm (Sunday) to get the vehicle back early. I find him a little agitated and curious enough (…). I noticed a scratch on the left side of the rear bumper which I had to collect from him and then I took him to the airport.

Investigators are confident the incision was made when the body was raised. Y They are now looking for traces of blood in the vehicle and the moment Poulos dropped Valentina’s iPhone near El Dorado.

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Officials from the United States and Colombia are trying to establish whether there is another part in the murder case related to the origin of the money brought by Poulos. Also, Why said that mafias are behind this case.

His family has already been informed about this Poulos could remain in prison in Colombia until 2063.

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