US plans to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine, officials say

The German military has 320 Panther 2 main battle tanks at its disposal, but has not disclosed how many are ready for combat, a defense ministry spokesman told CNN.

The spokesperson explained that all of the Cheetah 2, A5, A6 and A7 series are in various stages of repair and ready for use.

The German Army no longer possesses the older series Leopard 1 in its main battle tank lineup, he said. Likewise, it doesn’t stock older Leopard 2 models like the A4.

Meanwhile, arms manufacturer Rheinmetall said last week it had 139 Panthers in stock, but only 29 of those Panther 2s would be combat-ready this spring. Those 29 have already been theoretically given to third countries as part of a tank transfer.

According to the company, the remaining stock should be prepared for the long run.

A Rheinmetall spokesman told CNN on Tuesday that the remaining 88 Leopard 1 cars – some could be delivered in about nine months, the rest in a year.

Another German gunmaker, FFG, has 99 Leopards in stock, but only from the older Leopard 1 range, a company spokesperson tells CNN.

Even when a tank is ready and repaired, it needs ammunition and spare parts.

A little context: Poland formally asks Germany for permission to transfer Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine So far, Germany has asked Poland, the United States and other NATO countries to transfer cars to Ukraine or allow other countries to send some of its Leopards to Kiev.

However, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius earlier said the country would make a decision on the tanks “very soon”.

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