Ukrainian film editor Viktor Onysko died on the front lines

(CNN) — Ukrainian film editor Viktor Onysko was killed on the front lines, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced on Monday, without giving further details.

“Many brave and talented Ukrainians are sacrificing their lives in this war against the hordes of darkness to protect their homeland,” the ministry paid tribute. Twitter. “May the light of the memory of our heroes shine forever,” he added.

Onysko worked in Ukrainian films such as “The Stronghold”, “The Rising Hawk” and “Vithana”. The Tovchenko Center, Ukraine’s state film archive, called the event “an incredible loss for the film community and Ukraine”.

According to authorities, film editor Victor Onysko died on the front lines. (Credit: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine)

His wife, Olga Birzul, wrote in a Facebook post: “My heart will be forever in the terrible year of 2022 because you stayed there. My hero. My love. My everything. I don’t know how to live and breathe without you. No can I dream again. I know that.

“All I have with you is your gray-eyed 9-year-old girl,” he added.

“One day when I was choking on tears in the train, he patted my head and told me that Dad fought for freedom, we will never forget him, Dad will always be in our thoughts. Innocent children whose parents were killed by the Russians. It is painful. Indescribable agony,” he said.

The war in Ukraine continues even after the start of the new year

According to the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian military bloggers, a Ukrainian strike on Sunday near an ammunition depot in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine appears to have killed scores of Russian soldiers.

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Ukraine said about 400 Russian soldiers were killed, but did not claim direct responsibility for those deaths. Moscow acknowledged Monday’s attack, saying 63 Russian soldiers were killed in one of the worst episodes of the war for Russian forces.

Meanwhile, several explosions rocked the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, damaging energy infrastructure and causing blackouts on Monday.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky used his first speech of 2023 to highlight a “sense of unity” in the country and contrast it with the “fear” he said was felt in Russia.

You can follow minute by minute news of war, In this connection.

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