Ukraine claims that Russian troops are losing about 500 soldiers a day in the Bagmut siege.

Russian military suffers significant casualties in invasion of Ukraine (REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)

Ukraine said The Russian army is losing “500 troops a day”. A scene of heavy siege by Russia in its offensive against the city of Pakmut in the east of the country.

“The losses of the Russians are 500 dead and wounded every day,” the defense minister said. Oleksii ReznikovDaily Sunday weeklyBuildIn an interview he described the Russian military as “cannon fodder” in the “meat-slicing tactics” used by Moscow.

The number of casualties from the Russian attack on Pakmut could not be independently verified. However, according to the Kremlin, it has been confirmed that Russian forces have redoubled their attacks against the city in recent days.

Indeed, Wagner’s mercenary division is particularly active in the region. Their leader, Yevgeny PrigozhinHe confirmed that he had increased his activity around the area, while local NGOs such as Russia condemned the attrition among their ranks.

Oleksiy Reznikov, Defense Minister of Ukraine (REUTERS/Yves Herman)

As Reznikov explained, the city is “a symbolic place for the Russians,” which is why they are making such efforts to capture it. Strategically, according to the experts of the German newspaper, the capture of the city, in principle, does not mean any significant progress.

Ukraine seems to have decided that the city should become a point of rupture. President of the country Volodymyr Zelensky He has spoken on several occasions of “Fortress Bagmut”, although in recent days he has openly acknowledged the possibility of losing the city.

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According to the British Ministry of Defence, Russian forces and Wagner mercenaries have taken control of the northern part of the city in recent hours, after destroying two bridges, including one essential for transporting supplies from Pakmut to Chasiv Yar.

The country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, spoke about the “Bakmut fortress” on several occasions. (Photo: Franco Fafazuli)

Pakmut, once home to 74,000 people, is now largely destroyed. Officials estimate that approximately 5,000 civilians are still alive.

Ukraine maintains its resistance despite reports of a tactical withdrawal and announcements of little progress from the Russian side.

“Enemy Continues Attempt to Encircle Pakmut City”The Ukrainian Civil Service noted in its daily report.

The army added that during the last day, they repelled “more than 130 enemy attacks” in various sectors of the front, specifically. Kubiansk, Lyman, Pakmut y AvtivkaAll over eastern Ukraine, the Russians are focusing their “main efforts,” according to kyiv.

A recent report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) also talks about Russian efforts to encircle Baghmut.

Ukrainian troops offer strong resistance in Pakmut (REUTERS / Anna Kudriavtseva)

“Russian forces appear to have gained sufficient ground to encircle parts of Pakmut, but they have not yet forced Ukrainian forces to withdraw and may not be able to encircle the city anytime soon,” the analysts said.

According to the ISW, Ukrainian forces may set the conditions for a “controlled” withdrawal from the most difficult areas of eastern Pakmut, although it is unclear if top military commanders have decided to withdraw “at this time.”

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Spokesman of the Eastern Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Serhiy CherevatyiHe said in an interview with the chain CNN Pakmut is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

(with information from Europa Press and EFE)

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