The Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office practices the arrest of civil officials who have been investigated for crimes of corruption

(CNN Spanish) — A source close to the Venezuelan judicial system confirmed to CNN that in the last few hours the National Anti-Corruption Police officers Joselit Ramírez Camacho, head of the National Surveillance of Cryptoactives and Related Activities (Sunacrip); President of the Caracas Judicial Circuit, Cristóbal Corníles Perret; and Pedro Hernández, mayor of the municipality of Las Tejerías in the state of Aragua. He also warned that other government employees have been arrested, without naming them.

CNN attempted to contact Ramirez Camacho, Cornelius Perret and Hernandez and their defense, but has not yet received a response.

This comes hours after a report was released in which the national anti-corruption police said it had requested the public ministry to prosecute individuals linked to the judiciary, the oil industry and municipal mayors. Serious administrative corruption and demonetisation measures.

They also highlight that they conducted an in-depth investigation over several months that “targeted citizens who had activities in the judiciary, the oil industry and some of the country’s municipal mayors,” as described in the text.

Let’s remember that in June 2020, the United States publicly offered 5 million US dollars to whoever would facilitate the capture of Ramírez Camacho.

According to the Justice Department report, Ramirez has ties to alleged drug lords, including Tareck El Aissami, the current vice president of the economic sector and Venezuela’s oil minister. Ramarez was indicted by the United States Southern District for drug-related sanctions evasion and money laundering while in public office in Venezuela.

El Issamy responded with a letter published in the US newspaper New York Times in February 2017, asserting that this was a false allegation and asking US officials to correct it.

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The Venezuelan government responded to sanctions against Ramirez Camacho in a statement in June 2020, denouncing what they considered an act of assault and harassment against the official, and questioned then-President Donald Trump.

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