The UN has expressed concern over the arrest of six journalists who filmed South Sudan’s president urinating on himself.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir urinates at an official ceremony

The him expressed his concern on Monday about the situation of Six journalists of National Television Channel South SudanHe was arrested last week for recording the President Salwa kheer When urinating on oneself during an official function.

UN Stephen DujarricHe said he did not want to comment on the incident, but indirectly confirmed the arrest of reporters: “It is very disturbing that journalists are being detained for doing their job.”

Dujarric assured that the UN mission in the country was “trying”. Find out where he is (Journalists) and make sure they are treated properly”.

The video, recorded on an imprecise date and not aired on television, was leaked last week What made it go viral: In it, Kiir, 71, appears to be standing during an official function surrounded by various people. Wearing a light gray shirt and pants, you can see how his pants start to get wet until they form a puddle on the floor.

The president himself looks at the puddle forming on the ground, obviously wondering what has happened, and the footage ends abruptly, interrupted by some outside agent.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir urinates at an official ceremony

6 people were arrested last week Television crew members of the South Sudan Television Corporation South Sudan’s Union of Journalists condemned last Friday, saying that those suspected of committing a crime should leave the national security offices and be brought before a judge.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) last Friday called on the government to immediately and unconditionally release the six journalists, as well as to “guarantee that they can work without fear of intimidation or arrest.”

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Calls to the National Security Service went unanswered. Officials with the president and the National Radio and Television Network declined to comment.

Geer ha sido The only president of South Sudan Since the country’s independence from Sudan in 2011. Amid slow implementation of the 2018 peace deal that ended the five-year civil war, the last presidential election was postponed again, this time to late 2024.

(With information from AP and EFE)

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