The main and direct message of Russia’s war in Ukraine: “No one stands down”: Ukraine fights for Bagmut

Belarus “fully supports” China’s initiative on international security, Lukashenko tells Xi

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (left) meets with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing, China on March 1. (Photo: Belarusian Presidency)

Belarus fully supports China’s initiative on international security, President Alexander Lukashenko told Xi Jinping in Beijing on Wednesday.

“Today’s meeting comes at a very difficult time, which requires new unconventional approaches and responsible political decisions,” Lukashenko told Xi, according to Belarus’ state news agency BelTA.

“They should aim to avoid a global conflict with no winners. You have recently, clearly and unequivocally addressed this to the world community,” Lukashenko said.

“Belarus actively proposes peace and fully supports its initiative for international security,” he said, according to BelTA.

Lukashenko’s comments come days after China released a statement on the war in Ukraine, calling for an end to hostilities and the resumption of peace talks.

In the document, China called for a political solution to the conflict, peace talks and respect for national sovereignty.

However, the document does not explicitly call for Russia to withdraw its forces from Ukraine and condemns the use of “unilateral sanctions”.

Belarus, an ally of Moscow and a neighbor of Ukraine, has been used by Russia as a base from the start of the full-scale invasion.

However, Lukashenko has not sent any soldiers to fight Russian troops in Ukraine.

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