The Foreign Ministry has called on its ambassadors in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico to consult on interference in internal affairs.

President Tina Polwarte speaks with Foreign Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi at a ceremony. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Peru announced on Wednesday that it had decided to recall the country’s ambassadors Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and MexicoDue to “interference in internal affairs by high officials of the aforementioned countries”.

According to a statement issued this afternoon, “the statements call into question the succession of the President in strict adherence to the Constitution of Peru and are inconsistent with the traditional ties of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect that unite our countries.”

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Portfolio, presided over Ana Cecilia Gervasi, “It will continue to show its broad willingness to deepen dialogue always within the framework of mutual respect and the full validity of international law,” it added.

“There is full respect for human rights, due process and the separation of powers in Peru, and all our citizens are guaranteed access to independent justice,” the letter concludes.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs It was reported that The Peruvian Vice Chancellor contacted the Chilean Ambassador in Peru. Oscar Fuentes, After the President’s statements Gabriel Boric.

The president said Peru “definitely needs change” in the face of last month’s “unacceptable” violence. For this reason, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted that “Deputy Foreign Minister Ignacio Higueras conveyed to the Chilean Ambassador the discomfort created by the disrespectful manner in which the Peruvian government mentioned Boric Polwarte.”

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The head of state on Wednesday urged to support “friendly countries”. A proposal to reach a “peaceful” solution to the crisis engulfing the country ahead of the elections.

Dina Boluarte in OAS, Part Three.

“Help Peru guide its destiny through free elections,” Polwart demanded in a virtual intervention before the Washington-based Permanent Council of American States (OAS), which was holding a protocol session. Country.

Poluiarte He said he had listened “very carefully” to the interventions of his colleagues at Celac in Buenos Aires and appreciated the expressions of concern and solidarity. Even so, he wanted to ask his colleagues in other countries a question: “What solution do you propose to face the crisis in Peru? Way out of violence or peace and democracy?

During CELAC, Chancellor Gervase He lamented that some governments “didn’t get along” with Peru after former President Pedro Castillo’s failed self-coup, though he did not specify which countries he was referring to.

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