Tension between Peru and Chile as Gabriel Boric criticizes “outrages” against protesters

The Peruvian government announced on Wednesday afternoon that it had caused “illness” in the administration. In Boluarte “Disrespectful way” with that Chilean President Gabriel Boric, mentioned the neighboring country’s president in his speech on Tuesday at the SELAG summit in Buenos Aires. Deputy Foreign Minister Ignacio Higuerez did so before the Chilean ambassador to Peru, according to the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, via Twitter. “He told him that the course chosen by President Polwart’s constitutional government was the progression of general elections so that Peruvians would peacefully decide the fate of Peru without interference. The government will not change the course of democratic institutions,” the Peruvian Foreign Ministry added.

In his speech at the Buenos Aires summit, President Boric directly addressed the domestic situation in Peru, where relations are particularly noteworthy due to their historical complexity. “Today in our sister Republic of Peru, with the government led by Tina Polwart, we cannot remain indifferent as the people march, demanding what they consider just. They are shot by those who are supposed to protect them. More than 50 people have died, and that should shock us,” the leftist president said Tuesday, as he celebrates his first year in power next March. Boric, 36, who emerged as a leader in 2011 as a university student, was referring to what happened this week at the University of San Marcos. .” It is unacceptable for American universities to relive the tragic scenes of the Southern Hemisphere’s authoritarian era, as was the recent violent police incursion into the University of San Marcos. vs These outrages, “I reiterate Chile’s willingness to contribute to all multilateral spaces with an inclusive dialogue capable of building democratic governance and ensuring respect for human rights,” Boric added.

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Gabriel Boric speech at CELAC.

In his speech, the Chilean president called on the Bolvard government to make a turnaround. “Today, with the same clarity that we have always supported constitutional processes in our region, we point out the urgent need. A change in Peru, Because the balance left by the path of repression and violence is unacceptable to those who defend us – and I have no doubt that it will be the majority in Celac – democracy and human rights,” Boric noted. The second constitutional process, after a failed attempt between 2019 and the social explosion of 2019 Poll on September 4 In the past, when 62% of voters rejected a proposal for a constitutional convention backed by the government.

Peruvian Foreign Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi noted Boric in her speech at the regional summit after the Chilean president. He accused it of “seeking to establish a distorted narrative inconsistent with objective facts” and called for adherence to the principles of non-interference and non-interference in the internal affairs of nations. The Peruvian foreign minister lamented that “some governments, especially from close countries, have not joined Peru in this difficult institutional situation, instead prioritizing ideological relations over clear support for the rule of law and constitutional succession.” Gervasi added before Celac, “It is wrong and offensive to imply that the government has authorized violent repression against opponents.” “At this forum, I reaffirm our commitment to the protection of democratic values ​​and principles and the absolute and unfettered validity of human rights and the rule of law,” the president said on Tuesday.

These are difficult times for Chile’s foreign relations with its neighbors. A mistakenly broadcast audio from the Ministry of External Affairs has been made public A personal meeting with the President of Chile, Antonia Urrejola, With a group of close collaborators. In this file, Urrejola refers to Argentina’s ambassador to Chile, Rafael Bielsa, in harsh terms. “He says what he wants when he thinks it, and explains that he’s crazy?” the chancellor said at one point about the Argentine representative. The episode occurred precisely when Boric and Mantri were participating in the Celac summit, leaving both in an awkward position, although it was Alberto Fernández who downplayed the incident: “Argentina and Chile are going to continue to work together as we have worked. In this meeting, we will continue to grow together. The rest Misuse of rumors and personal conversations. I have great respect for the Chilean president,” said the Argentine host.

However, the audio incident did not end in Chile. Along with sacking the ministry’s head of communications, the foreign ministry said today that the minister had “complained to the public ministry and requested the opening of an executive summary to clarify the facts and determine possible responsibilities”.

cheater A less popular president (26% approve and 58% disapprove, according to a recent Data Influye poll), his statements on Peru were hotly debated in Chile. Ascanio Cavallo, a political journalist and expert in foreign relations, whose reports are more serious than the audio episode. “The President has made a completely childish statement. He is devoted to criticizing the Peruvian police without taking into account the fact that there is indeed a serious instability in the country. The president of the neighboring country does not consider this framework and the political process of trying to restore order is neither appropriate nor wise. I don’t remember neighboring Chile passing judgment on the police in October and November 2019, days of social outbursts, the analyst assured this afternoon.

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