Summary of Messi’s goals in Argentina vs Croatia (3-0) final

Enjoying football like never before, showing the “hot blood” he has had over the years, he leads the entire nation towards the ultimate dream of football. Lionel Messi commanded Argentina to get A ticket to the World Cup final cheater A goal and two assists In beating 3-0 to Croatia.

“Marathonando” As George Valdano recently put it, La Pulca looks at times like Diego led the Albiceleste in 1986 To win the world cup. As for Leo, he’s missing a game, but unlike 2014, this edition has the illusion he carries and drives millions of Argentinians crazy.

Argentina 3-0 Croatia; That’s the game

Lucille Stadium was the scene of Argentina’s costly revenge against Croatia. Sixth World Cup finals qualificationWhere will Lionel Messi and his “boys” look? Embroider the third star on Albiceleste’s shield.

On 21 June 2018 in Russia, the Croats beat Argentina 3-0 in a group stage clash. That defeat almost knocked them out of the World Cup, and although they bounced back and qualified for the round of 16, the way the Balkans danced away to the South Americans marked that setback.

oops Argentina, with a strong Julian Alvarez and a great Lionel MessiBattle-hardened and hungry for a world championship, Croatia attacked A 3-0 that could have been 4-0 and even 5-0 resonatedHad it not been for two big saves from goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic, the penalty shootout could not have been prevented despite his fame. La Pulca opened the scoring from 11 paces.

At 34 minutes, Messi won 1-0 At Lucille Stadium, after a foul by Livakovic on Arana Alvarez. With a perfect shot, Leo sent it into the top right corner to save, leaving the rival goalkeeper with no chance as he guessed the path but couldn’t reach the ball.

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Five minutes later, Zlatko Talic broke the Balkan defensive platform on which his play was based Alvarez appeared once again inside the area to make it 2-0, on one play he pulled the ball from half court. He had two rebounds to go until he pushed the ball over Livakovic’s layup.

Croatia tried to press early in the second half, however, as they did against Australia and the Netherlands, the Albiceleste’s defense did not collapse, allowing both clashes to end on a hearty note.

He endured panic attacks because they were never in real danger, and when the moment pressed, Messi appeared to make a play in his style, the ball sticks to his leg and bowls out the contenders. He entered the area with a controlled ball. Watched Julian’s arrival through the center And left it to the youth attack Second goal of the night and 3-0.

The game ended with that score. Argentina celebrated again and qualified for their sixth World Cup finalsHe will be looking to end the losing streak that led to the last two defeats against the German national team in 1990 and 2014. Now he’s just waiting for France or surprising Morocco.


Argentina vs Croatia goals in video

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