Summary Argentina vs France (3-3) / Final Qatar 2022, Messi champions at half-time

Argentina world champion! 36 years have passed since Diego Maradona lifted the trophy and this time it was Lionel Messi guides Albiceleste to Qatar 2022 title Kylian Mbappe’s hat-trick got the South Americans on the scoreboard twice in a dramatic penalty shootout against France.

Five World Cups, 26 games and 16 years to go The most decisive debate in recent years must come to an end, and that is this Sunday Lionel Messi won the World CupHis fiercest detractors considered him one of the greatest players in football history and asked him to sit at the table next to Pele and Maradona.

On the grounds of Lucille Stadium, Leo et The Argentina national team finished the World Cup It started with an overtone of sadnessStarting clear and definite, with victory ending in tragedy and drama, it will go down in history as a football game, as if it were a movie. One of the best World Cup finals ever.

Argentina 3-3 France; That is final

The final result was an exciting and heartwarming 3-3. La Albiceleste looked to have won their side until the 80th minute, however, a fierce reaction from the French side led to the fight going into extra time, where Messi’s goal looked to hand the trophy to the South Americans soon after. Mbappé forced penalties.

Argentina clearly dominated the 80 minutes of the game. In the first half he played for France, who could not coordinate a dangerous game. On 45 minutes, he registered a shot that France had not scored in a match since the 1966 World Cup in England.

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(Photo: AFP)

That dominance was predicted in the 23rd minute when Angel Di Maria fell in the area after a mistake by Dembele. It caused controversy as it was not reviewed on VAR. Messi, as always, took charge of the shotAnd as they did throughout the tournament, 10 went undefeated Made it 1-0 On the scoreboard, Lucille sparked cheers from the thousands of white and blue fans who filled the stands of the stadium.

In the 36th minute, the South Americans played on another level when France couldn’t find a way to react. They moved from the brink of their zone with five touches to face Hugo Lloris. Messi played for Julian Alvarez, who played for Mac Allister and Mac Allister. Di Maria reached the second post to define The French goalkeeper takes off and keeps 2-0 on the board.

The filler part remains unchanged. Argentina kept control of the ball and the French looked for a way to turn around the complicated situation in front of them. And it should be a Mbappé’s penalty in the 80th minute That opened the door and the possibility for the Europeans to react and not only get close on the scoreboard, but equalized within two minutes.

And that’s it Mbappe He received a lofted ball on the edge of the area and without thinking about it he took a shot with first-time aim, which he sent to place at the goal of Tipu Martínez, who could do nothing to stop the fall of his frame. 2-2.

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Overtime followed and the emotions continued. La Albiceleste regained the lead in the 108th minute with another goal from Lionel MessiBut France had someone else to thank Punishment With one hand into the area of ​​responsibility Validating MbappéWho knows Scored a hat-trick tonight Achieve eight goals in the match.

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Argentina-France penalties

Back in the penalty shootout Dibu MartinezLike it did in the 2021 Copa America and in the round of 16 against the Netherlands. The French were to make a double mistake. The Argentinians were perfect, they didn’t fail, they took The win was lost 4-2 From the penalty spot.

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So, in one dramatic night, it had to be stretched to the limit, Lionel Messi and the Argentina national team became world championsThe long-awaited third star embroidered on their shield has been denied them in the last two finals.

  • France- Kylian Mbappe scored
  • Argentina-Lionel Messi scored
  • France-Kingsley Coman lost
  • Argentina- Paulo Dybala scores
  • France-Aurelian Soumeni failed
  • Argentina-Leandro Paredes scores
  • France-Randall Colo scores
  • Argentina-Montiel scored

Final goals in the video

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