Reasons for Itati Cantoral’s Denial to Sing New Version of ‘Los Mananitas’ to Virgin

Some videos taken Viral On this December 12, it is Parayanam Itatí Cantoral Al Sing to him There are Edition of morning to do Virgin of Guadalupe For his birthday in the basilica, it was rumored that he did it while drunk, but it undoubtedly became one of the most watched scenes of the season. However, the actress has given Reasons And they didn’t let her explain anymore Nuevo In front of the religious figure.

It was the year 2016 Itatí Cantoral He decided to be one of the famous ones They sing Los morning to do Virgin of Guadalupe For his birthday at the Basilica located in CDMX, but it was Viral Not because of his devotion to religion, but because of the way he interpreted the melody, he was supposedly drunk, slurring his words and showing a lot of meaning in some sentences.

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