Purge of Chavista officials continues: Dictatorship arrests another close associate of Tareck El Aissami

Chavista deputy Hagbel Roa arrested by the anti-corruption police of the dictatorship (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez)

Last Saturday, Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship dramatically purged Chavista officials. Corruption. The wave of arrests continued this Sunday: on this occasion, the National Police seized the Deputy and Minister of University Education, Hakbel RowaAnother close man Tarek Elizamy.

Chavista Media “board” He said Rova was arrested in Caracas for “serious corrupt practices”. In the oil industry.

Venezuela’s Public Ministry (Prosecutor’s Office) announced this Sunday that it will investigate a group of public officials detained by the National Anti-Corruption Police. Identity of the accused or how many

In a statement issued by the Attorney General, Tarek William ChapOn his Twitter account, the MP pointed out that “50, 67, 69, 85 and 94 national prosecutors skilled in the areas of corruption, organized crime, human rights and full competence” have been appointed to lead the investigation.

“Illegal investigations relate to various divisions and levels of public authority and cover strategic sectors for national development and administration of justice,” he said.

The Venezuelan press claims the purge of Chavista officials is a response to bitter infighting between the Rodriguez brothers and Oil Minister Tarek El Issamy.

The financial institution reiterated its commitment to “the fight against corruption and the search for justice to protect the interests of the nation against dishonest practices and officials who damage the institutional structure and betray the trust of the country”.

The anti-corruption police this Friday asked the public ministry to prosecute an undetermined number of citizens who “performed activities” in public authority. “They may engage in serious administrative corruption and fraud.”

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In a statement issued by the Maduro regime, the police force explained, “Individuals who violate their sacred oath of integrity, morality and ethics have initiated a request – before the prosecutor’s office – to initiate a series of judicial prosecutions. Accepting assigned responsibilities, may be involved in serious administrative corruption and fraud.

Within the framework of this wave of arrests, this Sunday the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) expressed its “full support” for the fight against corruption in the country. We express our firm support and full support for the measures taken by the Government of Venezuela to strengthen the fight against corruption, which seeks to undermine the morals, principles and values ​​of the Republic. The statement, signed by its first vice-president and considered Chavismo’s second number, God given hair.

“Our fight against corruption must be an unchangeable stamp of political behavior that governs the daily action of the men and women of the Bolivarian Revolution,” the PSUV added.

The National Anti-Corruption Police was created by the Venezuelan dictator in 2014, within the framework of extraordinary powers granted by parliament to the country’s president.

Derek William Sapp, Attorney General of Venezuela (AFP)

However, there will be strike actions taken in the last few hours The result of training between brothers Jorge and Telsi Rodriguez and Tarek El EissamyDictatorship’s oil minister sanctioned by US for drug trafficking.

One of those arrested Joselit RamirezIn addition to running the National Surveillance of Cryptoactives, he was also the director of El Aissamy’s office. Additionally, two soldiers linked to PDVSA were arrested: Col Antonio Perez Suarez and Lt. Col JOSE AUGUSTIN RAMOS CIRENOS.

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Another left in the middle of the Chavista crosshairs is Jose Maximino Márquez García, a judge of the 4th Anti-Terrorism Court who is considered one of the most brutal against political prisoners.

After the first arrests became known, Venezuelan journalist Ibéyise Pacheco announced on his social networks. Many leaders of the El Issamy circle are “leaving the country”.

With information from La Tabla and EFE

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