Powerful Weapons Captured by Ovidio Guzmán Armed Forces

The National Guard combined with the army had powerful weapons to counter those who accompanied Ovidio Guzmán (Leonardo Espinoza and Alejandro Escobar/Cuartoscoro.com).

This January 5, Mexican authorities announced Ovidio Guzmán was capturedKnown as mouseIn Culiacan, Sinaloa. To achieve their fears, the elements armed forces They faced the group of criminals who accompanied him, and they would have been there for that A powerful weapon.

Luis Crescencio Sandoval, head of the Secretariat of National Defense (Cedena), said the National Guard (GN) supported the military in the operation that led to the arrest of the son. El Chapo Guzman. Together they find hand-made armored vans that, on their way to their fix, The Agents of GN were attacked.

National Defense Secretary has pointed out They were arrested after the National Guard responded to the attack and brought the situation under control Ovid Guzman. There is no official information about the details of the operation; However, journalist Jose Luis revealed the characteristics of Montenegro A powerful weapon The authorities would have thought that.

Ovidio Guzmán López had powerful weapons exclusive to the armed forces (Credit: Infobay / Jesus Aviles)
Ovidio Guzmán López had powerful weapons exclusive to the armed forces (Credit: Infobay / Jesus Aviles)

Tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft They would have formed part of the vehicles in which the agents repelled an attack by truck-type hit men. Pick up Handmade armor but undoubtedly the most powerful weapon they are said to have possessed was a Six-barreled rotary machine gun expressed in a Black Hawk military helicopterPointed out by Montenegro Independent In Spanish.

The archeology in their possession is a M134 minigun, from the United States. It is a high-velocity weapon with maneuverability 2 thousand to 6 thousand bursts per minute.

Ovid Guzman He was also heavily armed; The moment he is located among the invaders; was in his possession Special Weapons of the Mexican Armed Forces.

The National Guard was the target of an attack by a group of criminals including Ovidio Guzmán (FILE).
The National Guard was the target of an attack by a group of criminals including Ovidio Guzmán (FILE).

“After controlling the direct aggression against the security forces, Ovidio “N”, identified among the members of this criminal group, achieved the seizure of the exclusive weapons of the Mexican army and air force,” Crescencio Sandoval told a press conference.

This is Joaquin Guzmán Lora’s fourth child with his second wife, Griselda Lopez. Since then it has been on the authorities’ radar 2008Year in which His brother, Edgar Guzmán, allegedly started drug trafficking after Lopez’s murder.

Since then mouse involved Trafficking in Marijuana and Cocaine. He was also recently accused of kidnapping ephedrine and fentanyl.

But Ovidio Guzmán’s name undoubtedly grabbed national attention in 2019 because it was provocative. Culiacanazo oh black jupiter, An activist The defeat was held on October 17 that year. On that day, remembered black in Sinaloa history, The The authorities were able to seize it mouse But he was released before a strong response from organized crime.

Ovidio Guzmán is remembered for unleashing "Culiacanazo" (Photo: Darkroom)
Ovidio Guzmán is remembered for unleashing “Culiacanazo” (Photo: CUARTOSCURO).

The Release order By Ovidio Guzman Presented by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the President himself revealed. The decision was made before the terrible situation: not only did the attackers besiege the house mouse Stopped but also strategic points of the city.

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Criminals blocked access to burning vehicles and locked soldiers, federal agents and terrified citizens in the same perimeter ring, who sought refuge in offices, schools, squares, restaurants and other people’s homes.

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