Nicolás Maduro replaced his president again and ousted a cousin of Hugo Chávez as head of PDVSA.

A December 1, 2017 file photo of the PDVSA logo in Caracas. REUTERS/Marco Bello

Dictator of Venezuela Nicolás MaduroThe head of the state oil company announced his resignation. Venezuelan oil SA (Pdvsa), Asdrubal ChavezFormer cousin of Venezuela’s Caudillo, Hugo Chavez He also served as the Oil Minister since April 2020.

On the contrary, he put Pedro Rafael TelecheaHe is working in a state petrochemical company peaceful.

PDVSA It will be led by Pedro Rafael Dellaccia, who with his great experience at the helm of PEQUIVEN, will strengthen the momentum of the national oil industry,” Maduro wrote on his Twitter account.

Tweet with Maduro's announcement
Tweet with Maduro’s announcement

And he added: “We appreciate the work of Astrubal Chavez, who will soon take on new responsibilities.”

Last September, Delicchia was appointed by Maduro to govern MonomersSubsidiary of Pdvsa ColombiaAfter nearly four years, it was governed by the opposition, which was recognized as a legitimate authority by the administration. This is Duke (2018-2022), to the left Gustavo Pedro It came to power in the Andean country last August.

The new PDVSA president, Pequiven, has worked for the petrochemical company for several years and has defined himself as a manager who listens to workers, as he promised when he arrived at the monomers plant. BarranquillaColombia.

Asdrubal Chavez.  Cousin of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
Asdrubal Chavez. Cousin of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

On his part, the Petroleum Minister, Tareck El-Aissami-Also via Twitter- the “admired Colonel” welcomed Dellacchia with whom he will work “to continue to advance the radical transformation of the oil industry”.

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Likewise, Maduro was appointed as the new president of the regime Yuan Gil Pinto instead Carlos Faria He served in the post.

“I have appointed Juan Gil Pinto as Venezuela’s new foreign minister, and I am confident that he will execute with great professionalism. I thank Carlos Faria for his excellent work and he will have new assignments in the next few days,” Maduro said.

Gill served as Deputy Minister of Europe for the Chavista regime. In addition, he received a degree in agricultural engineering Central University of VenezuelaThe main house of study in the country.

Since 2017, Gil has held diplomatic posts in Europe, and in October 2021, he was appointed by the Caracas dictatorship as Venezuela’s charge to the European Union.

Juan Gil Pinto is the new president of the Maduro dictatorship
Juan Gil Pinto is the new president of the Maduro dictatorship

Also, he was the leader Agricultural Development Corporation and Minister of Agriculture and Lands On two occasions during the Nicolás Maduro regime.

Maduro thanked the outgoing minister for his “excellent work” and promised that “new tasks will come to him” in the coming days, although he did not specify any of them.

Faria presided Ministry of Foreign Affairs Within nine months, during which time Venezuela strengthened ties with the Russian government, where Faria was ambassador prior to his appointment, and continued his campaign against international sanctions. United States and European Union.

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