Neighbors caught a thief trying to rob a house in Holguin

Several neighbors took the law into their own hands and caught one of the thieves trying to rob a house. The events took place in the Hilda Torres neighborhood of Holguin, the provincial capital. The culprits were caught and two of them escaped from the spot. The home, home to a couple and two children, were the targets of the burglary, all of whom were inside the property on Wednesday night. A user of social networking site Facebook shared a photo of the thief, who was attacked by residents of the place. “Now stuck in my constituency, the city is fed up with so much violence and is taking matters into its own hands.” This is how Ernesto Almaguer Díaz published it.

The protagonists of this attempted robbery damaged the properties in question located on Antonio Moreno street between 12 and 14. The witness opined that the accused was taken to the nearest police station. While waiting for approval, many neighbors and homeowners expect a strong hand from authorities. They ask for punishment according to their actions.

Repeated episodes in present-day Cuba

Unfortunately, such episodes are repeated in today’s Cuba. For many reasons, violence and robberies often occur on the island’s streets. In country neighborhoods, residents often manage to prevent such activities.

For example, last Saturday, several passers-by caught a thief trying to rob a taxi in Havana. The event was at the famous corner of 23rd and M in El Vedado. Witnesses cut the culprit down before he took the “Kezel”.

A week ago, police in the island’s capital arrested a man who broke into homes and pretended to be dumb. The protagonist lived in Arroyo Naranjo and was wanted for seven events. He had several criminal records.

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