Motorcyclist dies in Havana crash

And The young motorcyclist died This Sunday, on the first ring of Havana, on the road to Alamar, there was a traffic accident.

A source close to the victim confirmed Cyber ​​Cuba what Antonio Torres Quire 32-year-old Donido lost control on a swing called Ocho Vias and fell into a gap between two bridges, killing him instantly.

Another person, who asked not to be identified, said Tonido went out to look for an order for Alamar and “miscalculated” or “put the sun in front of him” and crashed into the divider. First Ring Bridge. , will fall through the opening in the middle.

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Antonio, a nurse by profession and a resident of San Miguel del Patrón, died from the impact of the asphalt, and although several people who drove by the place came to help him, it was already too late.

“I passed by and saw a body covered in black nylon on the ground, poor man, may he rest in peace,” said one commenter on the group’s publication “Accidents with more experience and fewer victims Buses & Trucks!” Inside FacebookAccident site.

A woman who witnessed the incident said, “The swing and the air box caught it and lifted it with the weight, and it fell into the gap between the two bridges. It fell upside down, but my husband and a couple jumped on the embankment. At this time, nothing could be done.”

Many netizens described him as a good boy and a good neighbor.

“Tony, my neighbor, wonderful guy, God bless him and may he rest in peace,” one said.

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Dozens of Cubans mourned his death and expressed their solidarity with the pain engulfing his relatives.

has increased in recent months Accident reports Includes motorists.

Earlier this month, at least one person was seriously injured and had to be treated by paramedics in an ambulance after three vehicles collided in a spectacular multi-vehicle crash near the Alamar Interchange in Havana.

At Villa Clara, A The motorcyclist died This Friday after being hit by a tourist car.

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