More than 200 prisoners walked out of protests in Paris against pension reform promoted by Macron.

French police had to intervene to disperse protests in France (AP).

The Paris police More than 200 people were arrested in connection with the riots in the French capital this Thursday night Emmanuel Macron from Pension reformIt increases retirement age 62 to 64 years.

firm, 217 people have been arrested for setting fire to public furniture and after confronting security forces, according to information from the chain BFTM.

Tens of thousands of people gathered Place de la Concorde in ParisA few steps from French ParliamentCondemn the administrator’s “forced action” when using Article 49.3 of the Constitution For pension reform, this It did not get the support of the National Assembly He needs to move on.

Security forces intervened Disperse the protesters Near the House of Representatives, the news agency was able to verify AFP.

Agents used water cannons and tear gas after attempting to sabotage the agents’ work Obelisk of Ancient Egypt Located in the center of the square, as indicated by the police.

Several cities in France recorded spontaneous demonstrations Against the reform led by President Emmanuel Macron.

Also, French unions are planning another day Strikes and demonstrations Against the reform proposed by Macron. “The United Trade Union Front continues to call for strikes and demonstrations to demand the rollback of the reform. Thursday, March 23”, said the head of the hardline trade union CGT at a press conference. Catherine Perrett.

Thousands of French people took to the streets again against the pension reform promoted by Emmanuel Macron (AP).
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The government used special constitutional powers on Thursday to push through the reform in question without a vote in parliament, where its centrist party lacks an absolute majority.

Macron and his government face a real political storm

The decision came after a third meeting at the Elysée between his prime minister, Macron, Elizabeth BourneAnd several members of the administration opened the way for the announcement of separate motions of censure by the left and the far-right, as well as calls for the resignation of the head of government.

Bourne faced the bad taste of announcing before a plenary session of the National Assembly The government’s recourse to Article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows a measure to be approved without a parliamentary vote, was agreed after a brief extraordinary cabinet meeting.

“You cannot run the risk of playing with the future of pensions, this reform is necessary,” Bourne said, amid boos and shouts from the opposition, assuring his government was taking the decision “irresponsibly”.

Bourne had to speak amid some jeers and repeated chants of La Marseillaise from left-wing delegates who chanted “resign, resign” at the prime minister, a brief but stormy intervention.

Thousands of people protested in front of the Eiffel Tower (REUTERS / Pascal Rossignol).

A return to 49.3 opens the door to a potential political crisis, with several calls from the opposition for Bourne’s resignation and the swift announcement of two censorship movements, one on the left and the other on the far right.

“Bourne cannot go on,” the far-right leader said bluntly Marine Le PenHe insisted that “the majority of French” had spoken out against the government’s plan.

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He also said his group would vote in favor of a no-confidence motion, albeit a left-wing one, after the executive’s decision to bypass the parliamentary vote. He asserted that it is not important who moves the motion, what matters is that the government is overthrown.

Describing the situation as a “deep political crisis”, Le Pen took direct aim at President Macron, as she said the pension reform was the only reform he had put forward during last year’s election campaign.

“A text without a majority in the National Assembly or the support of the people must go to the dustbin”A far-right deputy said he felt the executive was “showing its weakness” by helping to 49.3.

According to the Communist leader, the Left is also preparing a resolution of condemnation. Fabian RousselHe encouraged continued mobilization in the streets and emphasized his efforts to demand a referendum, which required four million signatures.

Left-wing MPs protest in Congress during Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne’s speech (REUTERS / Pascal Rossignol)

“A no-confidence motion is ready and we will try to garner massive support,” said the Communist vice-chancellor.

The Senate this morning approved the reform by a comfortable margin (193 votes in favor and 114 votes against), but the skepticism of a significant number of representatives from the Macronista bloc and the conservative LR party failed to achieve the necessary. Number of votes in favor in the Assembly.

However, those doubts remained The government adopted some changes in its legislative proposal Bourne and his ministers hoped to secure sufficient support in the legislature for the LR’s request, which was ultimately not confirmed.

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The chaotic day was shaped by new partial strikes in various sectors (railways, energy or air traffic controllers), while half of Paris is in its tenth day of garbage collection strikes.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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