Matteo Messina: Who Is The Italian Mafia’s Most Wanted Capo On The Run After 30 Years?

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image source, Reuters

He is nicknamed “Diabolic” and is considered the “most important” mafia boss in Italy.

His name is Matteo Messina Tenaro, and since this Monday, January 16, he has been arrested after 30 years of eluding the authorities.

“Today, January 16, the Carabinieri arrested fugitive Matteo Messina Tenaro inside a health facility in Palermo, where he went to receive medical treatment,” said General Pasquale Angelosanto of the Carabinieri’s National Police.

Messina is the tenaro Considered the leader of the La Cosa Nostra group He has been on the run since the 1990s, when the Sicilian Mafia stepped up a campaign of murders and attacks in various cities across the country.

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