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If Colombia decides to buy war supplies, it will be on the verge of making the biggest investment in its history. 16 Rafale C/F3 fighter jetManufactured in France by Dassault Aviation.

The purpose of purchasing the said fleet is to replace it kfir flights -whose useful life expires in December 2023- and leave the country with an air superiority group that allows them to guarantee national security and sovereignty.

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In fact, experts consulted by EL TIEMPO point out that it is buying new and non-refurbished assets, which will guarantee the useful life of the aircraft between 30 and 40 years.

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This week, the Defense Minister, Ivan VelasquezConfirming that the Rafale was listed, voices for and against about the potential investment were immediately heard, for which the minister clarified that a game was approved in Compass 4078 from May this year (Ivan Duk government). for 678 million dollars.

In this line, Velásquez promised that, amid pre-negotiations, this government would not need to invest, so the president would specify a grace period of at least five years. Gustavo Pedro It did not see the resources of the social programs and tax reform it committed itself to suffer.

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For his part, Air Force Commander General Luis Carlos Córdoba Avendano is in charge of the pre-selection process. Negotiations range between 2,400 and 2,500 million euros And he believes the first Rafale will arrive between 3 and 5 devices in two to three years.

In line with these ideas, sources close to the process have confirmed to this newspaper that since the name of the listed company was made public, three closed-door meetings between the technical team (officers, pilots) have been held at Air Force Headquarters in Bogotá. , technicians, mechanics and lawyers of FAC) and representatives of Dassault Aviation in the country.

On the other hand, FAC sources told this newspaper:We didn’t expect the Rafale fighter jet to get listed because of its price, but we are happy because it is the most powerful aircraft.”.

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After consulting experts, retired generals and FAC commanders at the time agreed to any of the four bidding firms—US-based Lockheed Martin, with its F-16s (Viper Block 70); Saab from Sweden, with its Gripen E/F; Dassault Aviation, with its Rafale C/F3, and Eurofighter, with its Typhoon (C.16), meet the highest standards and the company ultimately awarded the insurance contract must also comply with technology transfer. – called offset settings.

The continent’s best navy

“Fighting neighborhood aircraft and with a superior air superiority fleet in terms of quality, but not quantity.”

to him Gen. (R) Ditto Saul PinillaIt is important to get aircraft that meet the country’s needs in safeguarding sovereignty, but without forgetting public order issues,”Because the existence of illegal armed groups like guerrillas cannot be ignored”, he pointed out.

Pinilla reiterated that the company’s pre-qualification does not happen overnight and is a process that takes 10 to 12 years, so Colombians should see it as an “insurance acquisition, used when needed.”
Given the current government’s dynamics, he said, the investment should be seen as a contribution to “total peace”.

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For his part, he General (R) Guillermo Leon Leon He promised that if the Rafale purchase was confirmed, Colombia would be able to buy it “Fighting neighborhood aircraft and with a superior air superiority fleet in terms of quality, but not quantity.”

According to Leon, Chile has about 36 F-16s, Venezuela has 22 Sukhoi and about 12 older F-16s, to name two examples. Our fleet will be smaller but more capable”, he pointed out.

FAC fighters and cargo planes graced the skies of Bogotá.


Hector Fabio Zamora. Time

Kafir vs. Raphael

Former commander of the FAC, Colombia “Not thinking about an arms race to respond to a war conflict”, and made a comparison between the Kfir and the Rafale, the French almost doubled their flight autonomy and in a reactive move they could take off from the Balanquero base to Letizia or San Andres, fly over the point and return. Escort of a tanker landing or tanker aircraft.

Flight time value
In addition to fuel savings, because, the general says, an hour’s flight in a Kfir costs more than 80 million pesos, while the Rafale costs 40 or 45 million pesos an hour.

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Regarding maneuverability during a combat reaction, the Kfir will withstand gravity between 6 and 7, the Rafale between 9 and 11, Leon assured, “This allows you to request more of the plane without fear of it collapsing.

Another advantage of the Rafale, according to the retired officer, is that they require a minimum runway for landing and takeoff, allowing expansion to air terminals such as Monteria or Neiva, where the Kfir is inaccessible today.

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to him Gen. (R) Hector Fabio VelascoColombia is not exempt from a conflict “in front of a trend neighbor to the regime”, so his opinion “can not take risks”, and he cited the current situation in Ukraine.

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For this reason, he pointed out, FAC pilots receive basic training and then progress to the Kaffir to fly the Tucano and Super Tucano.The latter were to be selected for training in simulators and to go to France to train in Rafale aircraft, with hourly flight figures.”.

‘Lobby’ increased

In the absence of a signed contract, the other three auction houses are maintaining the offer and have sought new approaches with the FAC.

Two of them spoke, and Lockheed Martin, which supplies the F-16s, said it was ready to partner and support the country as “its future security needs” are assessed. sent to the United States Government.”

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For its part, Gripen E/F maker Saab acknowledges the government’s announcement and points out that “the country has decided to purchase the most expensive fighter jet on the market, risking Colombians paying 1,100 million euros (5.6 trillion pesos).”

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