Keys to Understanding the Massive Attack Against Iran: The Regime’s Brutality, the Consequences in the Region, and the Effect on Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba

An explosion at a military plant in Isfahan, Iran

Early Sunday morning Isfahan military complex in central Iran Three drone strikes were confirmed by the regime’s own defense ministry. Also, in cities Khoi, Azharsher, Rasht, Karaj, Tehran and Hamedan They would also have introduced Attacks on military camps, oil installations, arms factories and ammunition depots.

If the other six attacks are confirmed, a massive military operation against the Iranian regime — for which no country or group has yet claimed responsibility — could have far-reaching consequences. Middle East But to the planet warned by the international explorer Irving Cadell.

Officials of the regime only disseminated that the episode took place in an “ammunition factory”, but as the hours passed the episode began to be clarified: It will be a factory for the Shahed-136 explosive drones (“Witness” in Persian) that are being exported in bulk to Russia for use in the illegal occupation of Ukraine.

Cattell studied the effects A brief survey of the massive attack and the Islamic Republic and its imperial aspirations.

“Since their victory in 1979, the Ayatollahs’ regime has implemented the most aggressive imperialist program of the past 40 years. They believe they have been chosen by God to redeem the world through an extremist vision of Shiite Islam (rejected by the majority of Muslims),” the Mexican analyst wrote on his Twitter account.

Cadel recalled that Iran imposed Their control in Syria and LebanonIn addition to expanding its influence Gaza, West Bank, Iraq and Yemen. According to him, the goal of the Iranian regime is to create a tension around Its main rivals: Israel and Saudi Arabia.

“But Iranian international activity does not end there. Over the years, it has forged strategic alliances with Iran Russia, Venezuela and Cuba. By doing so, it has implications for Latin America as well. “The goal is to burn America,” he said.

An explosion at a military plant in Isfahan, Iran

For Mexico, the ayatollahs made two serious mistakes: they opened up too many fronts of struggle and governed poorly. It points to a backdrop of economic, political and social crisis, exacerbated by death Mahza AminiVery much Capital that should have been earmarked for improving the conditions of its citizens is diverted to its imperialist projects.

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“The final blow to the Iranian economy was the Syrian civil war. Those were 10 years in which Iran had to invest a lot of money to maintain its regime. Bashar al-Assad. “If it falls, Hezbollah in Lebanon will be isolated and easily defeated by Israel,” he said.

According to Gatell, Iranian weakness disappeared with the death of powerful General Qassem Soleimani in an operation carried out by the United States. Iran was unable to retaliate against that attack and its capabilities were severely compromised.

The political analyst points out that Iran has two factors in the crosshairs of many countries: its support for Russia in the context of the war in Ukraine and its support and financing of “Palestinian terrorism.” Added to this is the regime’s desire to develop nuclear weapons.

“The reality is that there are many countries that love Iran. And not to mention that its own people, in general, are already fed up with an incompetent government that spends money elsewhere on useless imperialist projects instead of investing in its own development,” he said.

Cadell points to Sunday’s attack on a drone factory It is not clear who attacked the Iranian regime. He says there is speculation that the move could have come from Saudi Arabia, Israel, Azerbaijan or even Ukraine.

“Of course, the more realistic version is that the attack is Israeli. The only country with the military, technological and logistical capacity to take the Iranian regime by surprise and be able to operate without causing civilian casualties,” he said.

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According to his analysis, some details point to a possible attack three days earlier US and Israel conduct joint military exercises.

“Tensions escalated yesterday after the bloody Palestinian terror attack Eight Jews were killed for leaving prayer in Neve Ya’akov, in Jerusalem. This, apparently, is only part of the conflict with the Palestinians. But that’s not the case. It’s very complicated,” he said.

FILE PHOTO: A police motorcycle burns during a protest against the death of Mahza Amini in Tehran, Iran on September 19, 2022.  WANA (West Asian News Agency) via REUTERS
FILE PHOTO: A police motorcycle burns during a protest against the death of Mahza Amini in Tehran, Iran on September 19, 2022. WANA (West Asian News Agency) via REUTERS

He added: It has never been a secret that the main support for the Palestinians comes from Iran. Also, the group responsible for this attackChosen, a Shiite terrorist group directly funded by Iran. An attack against Iran would send them a very stark warning.

For this reason, Cadell points out that Israel may have changed its classic response when an attack of this nature occurred: “At other times, a classic Israeli response was to selectively eliminate Palestinian terrorist leaders” or remove weapons or buildings from operational bases. In this case, the same strategy would have been used on Iranian territory.

“In this way, the Palestinians will be warned that this time they have attacked their financial source. Retributions for terrorism in Jerusalem can go further and no one can stop Israel“, he pointed out.

After the attacks, the analyst assures that Iran has little capacity to react. In addition, now they are not receiving Russian help, but they are supporters of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

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“Sure, Iran may order Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations to attack IsraelBut it is obvious that Israel must have thought about that panorama and its response would be very harsh against them,” he said.

After Sunday’s attacks, Cadell believes that accuracy and no civilian casualties have been reported. The end of the Iranian regime may be near. In this case, the Ayatollahs cannot claim the mass support of the people saying “the West wants to kill us”.

“On the contrary: news of Iran’s anti-government groups are beginning to spread on Twitter, organizing themselves to continue and intensify their struggle against the tyrants who rule them. The regime of the ayatollahs may already be reaching its end,” he said.

Lastly, do you think? Russia, Venezuela and Cuba will suffer the consequences if the regime collapses or enters a deeper crisis Because they will not have Iran’s economic, logistical, military and political support.

“We need to know how the Iranian government reacts. They have no real chance of winning a large-scale military conflict (and they know it). But their sectarianism can defeat them. So, it’s important to see what forecasts Israel has taken,” he concluded.

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