Juana Díaz’s Three Wise Men meet Pope Francis and make two special requests

Los Wise Men by Juana Díaz This morning met one of their most cherished goals: say hello Pope Francisco. As planned, the pontiff met with various guests, including Puerto Ricans, after the general meeting in Vatican City.

As they announced several days ago, during the meeting the three wise men were going to make two requests to the Pope: that he add the island to the itinerary for the West and that he appoint a cardinal for the local population. Catholic Church.

During the trip to Rome, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar were with Juana Díaz, the mayor of the city. Ramon Hernandez Torresand a 66-member delegation.

They are also known to have presented Pope Francis with three works by Puerto Rican artists: An acrylic painting on canvas titled “Three Wise Men of Borikén” by painter Edward “Moyo” Cruz, an oil portrait of Pope Francis by painter Felipe Rivera, and some Three Wise Men carved in cedar by artist Adrian Rodriguez.

This is the second method of the three sages Juana Diaz They are received by a pope. The first occasion was in 2004, when John Paul II was head of the Church at the time, it was reported in a press release.

“After 18 years, we have the grace to return to the Vatican to meet the Pope. There are many emotions because on this occasion we will be welcomed by a Latin American Pope and of course it fills us with great pride,” he said. William John Santiago VasquezConsejo Juanadino Pro Festejos de Reyes, Inc. President of the, in a press conference, the visit of the three wise men to the Vatican was announced.

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After the meeting with the Pope, the three wise men will travel to Spain on December 29 for a presentation at the Parish of San Esteban Protomartyr in Madrid.

Upon returning to Puerto Rico, they will continue with their traditional caravan, in which they will visit different municipalities from January 2 to 5. On Three Kings Day, starting at 10:00 a.m., the 139th edition of the traditional Three Kings Festival will begin at Juana Díaz.

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