In pure “The Grinch” style: The unusual moment a puppy steals a piñata from a pub

In a quick motion, the pup dropped the piñata and carried it to an unknown location (Photo: TikTok @PACO_68_p3)

when Christmas season in Mexico They get used to doing itHotels” It’s singing, celebrating, hot drinks, candy, crackers and, of course, Pinatas. Although this is a tradition that came with the Spanish conquest, these types of festivals are organized throughout the country every year.

It is in this context that a video has gone viral on social media showing an extraordinary moment Puppy Sneaking into an inn in Puebla, to the surprise of the occupants, He “stole” the piñata. All fruits and sweets inside.

The celebration was held in Municipality of Guadalajara, in the “Missiones de San Francisco” housing unit, where a group of residents were breaking down a piñata of a hostel in the street. Everything was going smoothly until four times the fun interrupted.

In a video shared by user @PACO_68_p3 on TikTok, more than 20 people from the city can be seen surrounding a green piñata. Though hanging on a rope, was to breakSo the moment the sweets fell, all those present were attentive.

During a posada celebration, a dog sneaks up to steal a piñata with all the sweets inside.

However, at that moment a small dog quickly approached the inn and knocked the piñata to the ground without the need for a wooden stick. He grabbed it by his nose and ran away from the place. Although some reacted at the time and tried to stop it. A minor and a mother with a child in her arms can be seen running after the animal, which managed to pass between two cars and a motorcycle so that they would not stop it.

Although the children ran out of sweets, there was no shortage of laughter among the guests. The video was uploaded on social networks and a week later, it has already been breached Seven million views. And to add a humorous touch, user @PACO_68_p3 put the song that appears in the intro of the series as the background music. next door.

“The dog used one here, a cup broke, and everyone went home,” it is said They continue to do so to this day” “Run Spike, Run”, “How cute but naughty”, “Feuralis: Want fruit from a piñata? Catch me”, “Everybody knows that everyone is unknown in piñata”, “World’s cutest piñata thief”, are some important comments.

Posadas will be held from December 16 to 24 (Photo: AP Photo/Eduardo Verduco)
Posadas will be held from December 16 to 24 (Photo: AP Photo/Eduardo Verduco)

Among pre-Hispanic cultures, the Aztecs celebrated (banquetzaliste) in December. Visit their god Huitzilopochtli. Starting on the 6th of that month, the festival lasted for about 20 days and banners were placed in the main temple.

However, it was accompanied Spanish conquest what Calls were brought “Aguinaldo Mass”, was held outdoors and in which programs were organized to mark Christmas. This is how the pastorelas were born and started giving gifts to the participants, now known as “Aguinaltos”.

These ceremonies were held from December 16 to 24, but after Mexico’s independence, the “Aguinaldo Masses” were abandoned. Those who were able to revive the tradition chose to hold these celebrations in their own homes. “Building inns”, according to the Mexican government’s account.

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