Ignacio López Tarso died at the age of 98 after several days in hospital

Ignacio Lopez Tarso died This March 11 afternoon at the age of 98, as confirmed by various Mexican media such as Televisa Espectaculos. Although the cause of death has not been released, the actor was admitted to the hospital due to “intestinal obstruction” and “pneumonia”, his assistant Lulu Mogollan told Hoi on the 6th of that month.

Three days later, Juan Ignacio Aranda shared with the press what his father had ” Released intestinal obstruction“, but continued” The battle against pneumonia“.

This Saturday, March 11 afternoon, Aranda announced that his father is still in intensive care: ” There is renal, cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency, etc. is semi-conscious. I can’t speak. I can’t eat. I put Vivaldi early in the morning. I was with him since 11 p.m.,” Milenio newspaper reported.

Over the past few years, the actor has had various health problems. In June 2022, he was mild due to pneumonia, which he managed to overcome. Months later, in September, López Tarzo confirmed his donation through social networks Positive for covid-19Although he presented only some “mild symptoms,” he said.

The path of Ignacio López Tarzo

Ignacio López López was born on January 15, 1925 in Mexico City. Family financial problems prevented him from continuing his schooling, but on the advice of a priest, he entered a seminary to continue his studies. To become a priest..

Before acting, he was in the military, a denim sales agent, and he worked on an orange and grape farm in California, but after falling off a ladder and seriously injuring his spine, he returned to Mexico.

After 100% recovery, in 1948, at the age of 24, he entered the Dramatic Academy of the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA).

He made his debut as an actor in an autonomous student theater group, appearing in street performances, squares and other venues around the city. But his first participation in the professional way was in 1951 in the work ‘Born Yesterday’.

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In a career spanning seven decades, López Tarzo managed to appear in 53 films, 35 soap operas, more than 30 plays and numerous television shows.

Although he started out in Mexican theater and cinema, he established himself in 1959 by starring in the small screen film ‘Macario’, which earned him several awards.

Ignacio López Tarzo from 1981 in the soap opera ‘El Terrego de Nazar’.

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In 2021, his last film was ‘Wolves Are Not Made for Circuses’.

He also dabbled in dubbing, his latest works include the animated film saga ‘Hotel Transylvania’ in which he voiced Vlad.

In terms of soap operas, Ignacio Lopez Tarso has been part of successful stories around the world, some of which are ‘Birth Right’, ‘Imperio de Cristal’, ‘Esmeralda’, ‘Angela’, ‘Viva the Children!’, ‘Tomorrow Forever’, ‘Destiny’. Shakti’, ‘Indomitable Heart’ etc.

Médicos, Linea de Vida, produced by José Alberto Castro, was his last melodrama.

Throughout her career she has been nominated and awarded on various occasions, including the Golden Gate and Ariel Awards.

Since 2016 he has been a member of the United States Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for which he was able to vote for an Oscar.

Personal life

He married Clara Aranda Lopez in 1950 and they maintained a relationship for more than half a century.

During their marriage they had three children: Susanna, a writer; Gabriela and Juan Ignacio, an actor like her father.

Ignacio López Tarzo was widowed in 2000, unable to stop his wife’s addiction to tobacco due to pulmonary emphysema, the actor described in 2019 as ‘the minute my destiny changed’.


His son, Juan Ignacio Aranda, told Reforma a day later that the legendary actor celebrated his birthday at home and without big parties because there is a lot of infection around him.

Ignacio Lopez Tarso/Facebook


“There was no cake, party or party as he wanted, but it was not possible due to the problem of epidemic,” said his son, “There is a lot of Omicron everywhere. Grandson and great-grandson did not come. , they are all locked in their houses because of fever or infection, everyone is infected”.

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But Don Ignacio was desperate. With full clarity and strength, the first actor could no longer face imprisonment due to the pandemic.

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He has said in various interviews that he regrets not being able to perform on stage for almost two years.

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His frustration is so great that the performer of classic soap operas like ‘Senda de Gloria’ (1987) vows to leave this world if he cannot return to work.

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In a video call with ‘Venga la Alegria’ on Tuesday, January 18, he said, “I want to continue acting in the theater.”

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“If not, I’m going to die very soon, I’m (going to die),” he said firmly.

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“I hope it ends now because it’s a dream,” he told ‘Ventaniando’ in another interview given on Monday afternoon, 17

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“I’m worried, it’s the first time in my life that I haven’t been on stage in two years!” He raised his voice, which he had never seen in a chat with any medium.

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“Enough, enough, I’m fed up! I want to do theatre,” he cried in despair.

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It seems that his satisfaction was not free. Of his 97 years, 74 of them were devoted to his passion for acting, and he has done so in film, television and theater. It is considered the bastion of the Spanish-speaking entertainment world.

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He was last seen on the small screen in 2019’s Médicos, Línea de Vida.

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As for the theater, during these years of the epidemic he tried to be active in some performances by ‘streaming’, but what he wants is to appear live in public, because he assures himself that he is in good health to do so.

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Ignacio Lopez Tarso/Facebook


In this sense, in ‘Venga la Alegria’ he clarified the rumors that he was infected with Covid-19, despite the shielding that his family had done to keep him safe.

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Ignacio Lopez Tarso/Facebook


“My health is good, my family and people close to me are fine. Apart from my granddaughter, whom I love very much, one of my beloved granddaughters, Mariana, is infected with Covid,” he confirmed.

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“I want to go beyond 100 (years)”, he admitted in a conversation with ‘Ventaniando’, “I feel good, luckily”.

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