He went to a Uruguayan restaurant and saw something incredible on the ticket

Again, a ticket generates debate (and outrage) in the virtual community. Although there were no details of what was consumed or the gastronomic location, it was known that it was in Uruguay. He shared this through his Twitter account @brujodegalileoIt exposed the invoice and created a wave of reaction to where it said the payment in Argentine pesos should appear.

A customer who visited the restaurant took a photo of the end of the ticket, which showed the total of the order and a portion of what he had consumed. Since this is the time when many tourists visit the country in the eastern part, the locals decided to clarify how much the payment is in other foreign currencies. Among them, they distinguish: Brazilian rice, euros and dollars. Although an accurate figure was found on these, it only read “$A Infinity” in Argentine peso.

Meanwhile, the user took it as a mockery of inflation in Argentina and the resulting rise in the dollar. For this reason, on Twitter, the publication was accompanied by the description: “They are killing us with laughter! May the victories continue.”

According to what little can be seen, the diner consumed, among other things, two glasses of Antinori Sangiovese, a type of red wine, and sparkling water. In dollars, the total amount payable is US$134.35, which equates to 24,955.41 Argentine pesos, the official dollar equivalent (with prices as of Monday, January 9).

Over 338,000 impressions on Elon Musk’s social network, Hundreds of people spoke in the comments to try to explain what happened to this ticket . To that end, one user wrote: “I doubt they have it on purpose. There are many programming languages ​​where ‘infinity’ is a number. They may have left the Argentine Pesos field blank, and the application they’re using will default to that value. Another tweeter who agreed with the theory added: “(It’s) old software, poor resolution/accuracy in decimals. Nothing more than that“, while defending the country he wrote: “To bully us, we are already alone”.

Twitter revealed the exchange rate for Argentine pesos@brujodegalileo/Twitter

Others who saw the tweet said the restaurant, despite the fact that the machine was not programmed to accept change in Argentine currency To be clear at the price set by the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU), That -for example- arose this Monday with a price of $0.05000 in purchases and $0.35000 in sales for one Uruguayan peso: “That should add one more digit to their currency. We make mistakes but not putting ‘infinite’”, someone wrote along those lines. However, another contributed that the amount is for reference only and that businesses are “free to put the exchange rate as they see fit”.

This Monday the official dollar opened at $177.75 for buying and $185.75 for selling Argentine pesos.
This Monday the official dollar opened at $177.75 for buying and $185.75 for selling Argentine pesos.Unsplash

Regarding the Argentine currency, next Thursday, January 12, the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) is expected to release the consumer price index for December.

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The official dollar opened today, Monday $177.75 for buying and 185.75 Argentine pesos for selling, Banco Nación boards. Meanwhile, country risk stands at 2111 points.


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