Gabriel Boric, Daniel Ortega granted Chilean nationality and residence to Nicaraguan protesters expelled

Boric granted Chilean nationality and residency (AP) to Nicaraguan protesters

Government of Gabriel Boric Ordered at the last hour to extend the concession for Chilean Nationality and Residence want Nicaraguan protestors Foreigners recently. This Tuesday, the Argentine government expressed its willingness to grant citizenship to all Nicaraguan dissidents.

This has been mentioned in a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs 317 falls were “Unjustified Aliens” to him The reign of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.

“The Chilean government will mediate the necessary legal mechanisms They should be given due international protection allowing them to reside in the country and acquire Chilean nationality in accordance with the constitutional and legal provisions governing it”, the letter begins and states that the privilege is available to those who “voluntarily decide to take it”.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which the Nicaraguan dissidents will be granted citizenship and citizenship

Includes action only 222 people were evacuated From their land weeks ago, but also for the rest 95 subjects It has been shown that Criticizes Jodi Ortega-Murillo.

The Ministries of External Affairs and the Ministries of Home Affairs and Public Security will implement necessary measures for this.

Meanwhile, this Tuesday, Argentina’s foreign minister Santiago cafiero He said his government was “in a position to grant them citizenship”. “Argentina has always highlighted the need for Nicaragua to respect human rights again,” he said.

The announcement came after a group of Chilean dignitaries — among them writer and activist Ariel Dorfman — signed on. Garda In which they asked the President to go ahead with the move as they did Spain Y America, last weeks. That has been explained in it It will be “a gesture of true unity that will make us proud as a country and strengthen the ties of the Chilean people with the country of (poet) Ruben Darío.”.

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In this sense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the decision was based on “the history of our country”, which “has taught. Democracy and protection of human rightsAnd this International unity among peoplesGet over the political associations and make it a part of it Essential civil standards For life in society.

222 people were evicted in the operation and another 95 were dissidents (AP).

Since he came to government, Boric has been the president of the region that has been the most critical of the Nicaraguan regime. So, this Saturday, he called ‘Dictator’ to Ortega by showing solidarity with those expelled from the country.

“A brotherly hug to Giogonda, Ramírez, Sofia, Carlos and Ortega to all those who tried to take away their Nicaraguan nation,” he first wrote on his Twitter account, later adding: “The dictator knows not that the fatherland is borne in his heart and deeds, and not lost by decree. They are not alone!”.

For his part, Ramírez—a former Nicaraguan vice president and winner of the 2007 Cervantes Prize—thanked him for “showing dignity and integrity without being silent about Nicaragua,” and praised the poet Pelly for “supporting stability and the rule of law.” Nicaragua and the Demand for Democracy in Latin America”.

A Principal’s report is also included Antonia Urrejola He promised that a few days ago “Every day” Nicaragua “turns into a totalitarian dictatorship where any form of dissent is persecuted”.

On the other hand, other Latin American progressive governments have not voiced their condemnation of the case. Colombia and Mexico reacted with caution, while Brazil – under Lula’s command – remained completely silent and Argentina expressed a “willingness” to grant nationality to those who requested it, although it did not make a firm offer.

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Argentina ready to grant citizenship to Nicaraguan dissidents

(with information from EFE)

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