David Garrick: The shocking case of a British police officer who confessed to being a serial rapist for 17 years

  • June Kelly, Claire Ellison and Judith Burns
  • BBC News

image source, Social media

Warning: Some readers may find the content of this article disturbing.

For 20 years, David Garrick, a violent sexual predator and serial rapist, wore a police uniform and even carried a gun during that time.

In his private life, he told his victims that they were “his slaves”., He controlled them, abused them, and subjected them to lowly depravity. Carrick told them that no one would believe them because it was his word against a cop’s.

The former agent has now admitted 49 charges against 12 victims. His guilty pleas leave London’s Metropolitan Police – the force he worked for – again having to apologize for failing to find a uniformed criminal in their ranks.

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