Crisis in Bolivia Live: Judge rejects defense arguments and rules detention is legal

Rejecting the arguments, the judge ruled that the detention was lawful

The case against Santa Cruz and opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho for the events of the 2019 political crisis in Bolivia was established this Thursday under the jurisdiction of the Precautionary Investigation Judge of the “Conspiracy I” case. La Paz protested his detention.

During the trial, the judge rejected arguments by the governor’s lawyers who raised “incompetence exceptions” related to the location of the criminal activities, Camacho’s health and the manner in which he was arrested. The judge determined that the detention was lawful.

In the morning, the prosecutor’s office confirmed the terrorism charge against Camacho and the request for six months of detention in a high-security prison in the west of the country.

The opposition asked the IACHR for precautionary measures

Opposition party Gremos asked the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to issue precautionary measures to the governor.

Legislators from the opposition bloc have sent a letter to Tania Reneum, executive secretary of the IACHR, detailing the situation of the governor of Santa Cruz, who has been detained since Wednesday in the offices of the special force to fight crime. Felcc) at ease.

“We respectfully request this international organization to provide precautionary measures in favor of the democratically elected governor, Luis Fernando Camacho Vacca, and to ensure his rights to life, security and physical integrity,” reads part of the letter.

Opposition legislators explain that Camacho is “a victim of opposition political persecution” and that “his life, safety and integrity” are “continually at risk” in what they consider a very serious and urgent situation.

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A large part of Bolivia declares a strike over the arrest of its governor

Protests in Bolivia (REUTERS / Claudia Morales)

Civic leaders in the largest Bolivian region of Santa Cruz announced a 24-hour strike this Friday. 2019.

“Departmental citizen strike has been announced for 24 hours starting at midnight on Friday, December 30, 2022, demanding the immediate release of our department governor,” states the resolution document read by Romulo Calvo, president of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee. , at the end of the Cruceñidad Assembly.

Investigation underway: The attorney general’s office seeks to imprison the governor while the investigation continues

The virtual trial of Luis Fernando Camacho has begun, for the criminal process being pursued by the prosecutor’s office for the so-called “Conspiracy I” case.

The governor’s lawyers, Martin Camacho and Juan Carlos Camacho, asked the judge to take into account. Two independent actions demanding his immediate release and condemns the violation of their human and constitutional rights.

At the start of the trial, the court said the PGE and the Ministry of Home Affairs had submitted briefs expanding the charge, pointing out the “danger of obstruction” by the defendant to the trial.

The governor’s lawyers presented “incompetence exceptions” related to the location of the crime, Camacho’s health and the manner in which he was arrested.

Inmates at a Bolivian prison rejected Camacho’s transfer to the compound

A group of inmates from the Bolivian San Pedro prison in La Paz protested this Thursday against the transfer of opposition member Luis Fernando Camacho to the facility.

Some videos and photos shared by the prison’s directorate show several inmates protesting, shouting “San Pedro doesn’t love you” and calling for Camacho to be taken to the maximum security prison of Soncocoro in the Bolivian highlands. A few mattresses in the prison yard.

Opposition parties denounced the governor’s arrest as a prospect of “dictatorship” in Bolivia.

The opposition Gremos, the party of Luis Fernando Camacho, said this Thursday that the arrest of its leader in the case of “Coup I” as a result of the 2019 crisis was an “attack against the rule of law”. Opens up the danger of a “dictatorship” in Bolivia.

“We risk becoming a state of dictatorship, abuse and violence with a government that seeks to impose itself with state terror,” the political group warned.

Luis Fernando Camacho will have his first hearing before a judge this Thursday

The meeting will be held only after he refuses to testify after his arrest. “I’m going to accept my right to remain silent,” he said

Fernando Camacho will have his first audience this Thursday
Fernando Camacho will have his first audience this Thursday

Leader of the main opposition to the President Bolivian Luis Arsand former president Evo Moralesyour face A first investigation of precautionary measures This Thursday after he was arrested on Wednesday afternoon.

Jeanine Anez said the arrest of Luis Fernando Camacho in Bolivia was a “police-military mega-operation” to kidnap him.

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The former interim president accused President Luis Arce; Government Minister, Eduardo del Castillo; And former head of state Evo Morales staged a farce to arrest the governor of Santa Cruz, a top opposition leader.

Bolivia's former interim president Jeanine Áñez during her arrest (EFE/Stringer/File)
Bolivia’s former interim president Jeanine Áñez during her arrest (EFE/Stringer/File)

Former Interim President of Bolivia Jeanine Anez Compared to the arrests of the Santa Cruz governor and opposition leader this Wednesday, Luis Fernando CamachoHe was apprehensive and said that the police action was a “kidnapping”.

The Bolivian attorney general’s office has requested the six-month detention of main opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho.

The Public Ministry issued an indictment against the governor of Santa Cruz.

Governor Luis Fernando Camacho of Santa Cruz
Governor Luis Fernando Camacho of Santa Cruz

The Bolivian Attorney General’s Office issued an indictment in which he sought six months in pretrial detention Luis Fernando CamachoGovernor of the province Santa Cruz and a prominent leader of the Bolivian opposition, allegedly participating in the 2019 “Conspiracy I” case.

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