Brutal murder in Hong Kong: They find a mutilated model in a dispute with her ex-husband’s family

Police Hong Kong stopped Four for murdering and mutilating a model After 28 years A A financial dispute with her ex-husband’s familyofficials said Saturday.

Part of the remains of the well-known “influencer”. Abby ChoiThe actress, who appeared on the digital cover of fashion magazine L’Officel Monaco last week, was found in a house where she had been. shreddedsaid the police.

“We’re still looking for the head.”Superintendent Alan Chung told reporters that the woman’s limbs were found in the refrigerator.

There was one at home An electric saw and a chipper It was used to grind human flesh, Chung said.

“Two pot shells believed to contain human tissue” They were left at that location, he added.

Choi’s ex-husband is a 28-year-old man who goes by a pseudonym KwangHe was arrested for the murder on Saturday afternoon as he tried to flee the city by boat, Chung said.

“As you might expect Speed ​​boat to illegally leave town”, a media outlet quoted him as saying South China Morning Post.

Choi’s ex-husband’s father, mother and elder brother were arrested Hours earlier and faces murder charges, Chung said.

“We believe there are many family members of the victim and her ex-husband Financial conflicts Big sums,” he pointed out.

“Someone was dissatisfied with the way the victim was handling his property, which became the motive for the murder,” he added.

Chung said authorities believed Choi had financial disputes Ten million Hong Kong dollarsDepending on the medium Sky News.

Choi was reported missing on Wednesday.

She was last seen by her ex-husband’s brother, who was also her driver. Police said the family lied to mislead investigators.

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The house was recently rented out and was unfurnished, assuming it was meant to be Choi’s body is ready for disposalsaid the Superintendent of Police.

It is believed that Former father-in-lawwho rents the house The teacher is intellectual According to the quoted police source, the assassination plan South China Morning Post.

It was also revealed in the investigation Choi did not register her marriage with her current husbandSon of one of the founders TamJai Yunnan Mixian, a Hong Kong casual restaurant chain operating in mainland China. According to media reports, this means that his assets will be inherited by his two children – a son and a daughter – along with Kwong.

(With information from AFP)

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