British intelligence reports that Russia has failed in its bid to seize Bagmuth

British intelligence confirms Russia failed in attempt to capture Bagmouth (AFP).

The arrival of year-end a Putin Invincible. Then a poutine Over 300 days of war On that day Ukraine want End the year with success. But the case of the Ukrainian city Bagmuth It doesn’t seem like it.

In December, Russia A Full attack On the territory, it would break Ukraine’s supply lines and open the way for his forces to press the key Ukrainian strongholds of Kramatorsk and Sloviansk. However, even with mercenary support Grupo WagnerThe British intelligence A result of surgery A total failure.

The Kremlin’s attack on Pakmut dates back to May Bloody battles since the beginning of the conflictcheater Expensive WWI style tactics.

The Kremlin's offensive on Pakmut turned into one of the bloodiest battles since the beginning of the conflict (REUTERS)
The Kremlin’s offensive on Pakmut turned into one of the bloodiest battles since the beginning of the conflict (REUTERS)

According to British officials, Russia was initiated “Frequent small-scale attacks” It only means that “Large territories do not change hands”.

Russian troops claimed to have captured nearby towns and areas of the city, while the municipality and part of its surroundings remain under Ukrainian control.

That’s why any gains for Moscow in this region mean nothing Very high labor cost of Poorly trained troops And this WeaponThis was not enough and led Putin -even- to ask Iran export from Drones suicide bomber

But these failures, spread throughout the country, led to tension Within the Russian forces – especially with the Wagner group – there seems to be no progress as expected.

The defeats led to tensions within the Russian forces, particularly within Wagner's group
The defeats led to tensions within the Russian forces, particularly within Wagner’s group

ZelenskyFor his part, he is strong and visited Buckmut last week, A hot spot in the front Y Dangerous journey In everything he has ever done. Meeting officials and decorated soldiers during the visit of the “brave president of a brave nation,” Zelensky assured that “the occupiers are trying to break our puck, but time is running out.” Bagmuth breaks not only the Russian army, but also the Russian mercenaries He came to replace the wasted army of invaders.

Volodymyr Zelensky visits Pakmut, a key point on Ukraine's eastern front (REUTERS)
Volodymyr Zelensky visits Pakmut, a key point on Ukraine’s eastern front (REUTERS)

However, Russia continues with its desire to seize territory, therefore The foreign minister warned Ukraine to downplay these battlefield setbacks Militarization Or, if not, “the Russian army will solve the problem.”

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In the obvious answer, Michael PodoliakAdvisor to the President of Ukraine, tweeted “Russia must face reality” Despite devoting “the greatest concentration of his forces” to these offensive attempts, it led to his loss.

Mykhailo Podolyak
Mykhailo Podolyak vowed that “Russia must face reality” (REUTERS)

“Not even Full mobilizationNo search Explosives In panic, or not Contracts Secrets with IranOr not threats Lavrov will help,” he noted, adding instead “Ukraine will militarize the Russian Federation Until the end, he will expel the invaders from all occupied territories. He will wait quietly until the end.”

In a new potential ground attack towards Kiev From the northern border Putin sent troops Belarus -his friendly country, Lukashenko– According to British intelligence, along with elements of the Russian 1st Guards Tank Army Institute of War Research -based in Washington- does not consider it an imminent attack Questionable ability.

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