Armed attack in Costco parking lot kills two | News from Mexico

Tijuana, BC – Two people hanged inside a parking lot Costco department store on Vía Rápida Poniente.

According to the report of Office of the Attorney General, The incidents were reported in the Los Santos neighborhood at 3:38 p.m.

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Through the emergency number, gunshots were reported at the aforementioned store.

They found two lifeless people inside the van

When the goods arrive City Police Two people were found wounded by a missile on board a ship A black Mercedes-Benz pickup truck.

The two have not yet been identified by authorities.

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Despite an operation in the area by the authority, no arrests have been reported in connection with the crime.

Accused criminals

Unofficially, it is said that the couple opened fire in a gray Kia truck.

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The woman was driving the vehicle and was accompanied by a man dressed in dark clothing.

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