Andres Pastrana sent a strong message to the impromptu meeting in Caracas against President Pedro and Nicolás Maduro.

Colombian President Gustavo Pedro met his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolás Maduro in an impromptu meeting in Caracas. The border between the two countries was fully reopened days after a failed cease-fire with the ELN.

The meeting between the two leaders lasted for about 3 hours at the Miraflores Presidential Palace Maduro received Pedro without military honors. Only one truck pulled up in front of what was called the Golden Gate, where they greeted each other with handshakes.

President Gustavo Pedro and his counterpart Nicolás Maduro met in Caracas. – Photo: Taken from Twitter @NicolasMaduro

Reactions to that meeting did not wait, Starting with former Colombian president Andrés Pastrana Arango, He posted a scathing message against both the leaders through his Twitter account.

The former Colombian head of state made the pledge after a surprise visit to Caracas by the current Colombian president. “The Trojan Horse of Colombian Drug Trafficking Ended up being President Nicolás Maduro’s ambassador”.

Federico Gutiérrez This is not the first time Pastrana has questioned the two leaders since Luis Felipe Henao’s complaints about the Venezuelan dictatorship’s attempted infiltration into the campaign of former President Andrés Pastrana. He pointed directly at Gustavo Pedro, questioning him about the possibility of Nicolás Maduro being part of the coalition.

A few days ago, the bilateral ceasefire with criminal structures created controversy and the reaction of the former president did not wait, he used the opportunity to mention the capture. Ovidio Guzmán is the son of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

“Ovidio Guzmán made a tactical error by not taking refuge in Colombia. He has placed his large investments under the armistice for Six months for drug trafficking buddies Gustavo Pedro”The former president criticized Colombia’s president, Gustavo Pedro.

In early 2023, former president Andrés Pastrana joined the respondents to the list of classified files declassified by Twitter on January 3. The President of Colombia, Gustavo Pedro, will prove that he received encouragement from Russia on this social network during his campaign. Especially from 2021 onwards.

Pastrana has questioned President Gustavo Pedro more than once for his speeches, such as his first address to the UN General Assembly. He said he stole the May and June 2022 elections. He pointed to the registrar, Alexander Vega.

After President Pedro asked the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), the former president also prompted the following. “Apply the American Convention on Human Rights and issue precautionary measures in favor of President Pedro Castillo of Peru.”

Pastrana strongly criticized the head of state’s announcement, explaining that the rights of Peruvian democracy take precedence over the political rights of Pedro Castillo.

Former president Andres Pastrana was angry with the president and exploded without measuring the consequences: “Pedro is an appendage of drug trafficking”

On December 16, 2022, from the municipality of El Tarra, Colombian President Gustavo Pedro, Norte de Santander, announced that cocoa leaf cultivation would continue to be allowed until an alternative policy was implemented. The move is, to be sure, a legitimate harvesting option.

The announcement drew criticism from the opposition. also, The former President of the Republic, Andrés Pastrana, joined the rain of comments and attacked the Head of State through his Twitter account.

Pastrana marveled as he shared a release that read, “What’s clear from the campaign: Petro is an appendage of drug trafficking.” week Regarding the topic in question.

Gustavo Pedro and Andrés Pastrana have shown themselves to be on different shores when it comes to addressing social, economic and political issues. For example, in recent days, the former president also announced his rejection of presidential declarations in favor of Peru’s ousted Pedro Castillo.

When the end of the political novel is known, Pedro, through his Twitter account, asked the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to “invoke the American Convention on Human Rights and issue precautionary measures in favor of President Pedro Castillo of Peru.” The right to be elected and elected and to have an independent adjudicating court has been violated”.

Colombian President Gustavo Pedro (L) and Peruvian President Pedro Castillo (R) gesture before a meeting at the Government Palace in Lima on August 29, 2022.  (Photo: ERNESTO BENAVIDES / AFP)
Colombian President Gustavo Pedro (L) and Peruvian President Pedro Castillo (R) gesture before a meeting at the Government Palace in Lima on August 29, 2022. (Photo: ERNESTO BENAVIDES / AFP) – Photo: AFP

But Pastrana criticized him harshly. Explains that the rights of Peruvian democracy outweigh the political rights of Pedro Castillo.

“President Pedro, the Inter-American Convention on Human Rights is here to protect human rights and democracy, not to protect coup leaders and left-wing dictators,” he said at the time.

Former President Andres Pastrana describes Petro’s talks with the ELN as a “trap”.

Former president and leader of the Conservative Party, Andres Pastrana, spoke out this Monday from his personal Twitter account against the process emerging from the president’s government. Gustavo Pedro is in no doubt about his concerns regarding talks with the illegal armed group ELN, within the framework of the famous ‘Total Peace’.

Drill, Pastrana described these conversations as “entrapment,” They see it as a trap to cling to power through a constituency, Only one person would have the power to overturn the ban preventing a president from running for re-election, as former presidents Alvaro Uribe and Juan Manuel Santos did.

President Gustavo Pedro and the ELN.
There are concerns over President Gustavo Pedro’s decisions on a bilateral ceasefire with the four armed groups. – Photo: week

“Petro’s process with the ELN looks like a trap to put together a Constituent Assembly and screw himself into power,” Andres Pastrana said.

Because of the propaganda there was fear in some sectors of the countrySomehow the candidate who made it to Narino House intended to “screw” himself into power, as the conservative leader put it.

However, President Gustavo Pedro has publicly stated that he does not seek re-electionHe made it clear that the time needed to bring about change would take a few more years, which would make some people think about decisions like the one the former president is currently making.

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