Amid a wave of violence in Chile, Congress moves forward with a series of security bills

Archive photo of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile (Leonardo Rubiler/Agenziano)

Chilean representatives quickly processed several on Wednesday Defense bills Driven by the impact of the murders of two police officers within two weeks.

The biggest issue facing the president is crime Gabriel Boric, His government is promoting the approval of 16 proposals on the subject, some of which he and many of his ministers rejected when they were MPs.

The killing of a police officer on Sunday during an anti-piracy operation has led Chilean lawmakers to ratify a growing insecurity crisis. Five projects within 24 hours.

On this day, in the presence of the relatives of the two murdered police officers, they managed a plan to increase the punishment for police aggressors and for privileged self-defense in their work-related actions. There were 106 votes in favor, 24 against and 13 abstentions.

Currently, police officers who use weapons in the course of their duties are immediately prosecuted and in some cases suspended by the courts. Gives initiative Presumption of reasonable use of arms during service.

The biggest problem facing President Gabriel Boric is crime

Several representatives of a left-wing coalition closest to Boric voted against or abstained from I Approve Dignity.

Dayana Pereira, the widow of Corporal Eugenio Nain, who was murdered in 2020, told deputies to “put your pants on and see what happens,” referring to how police officers are investigated when they use weapons in criminal situations and attacks on them.

Evelyn DeGeorges, another police widow, echoed that Conditions are not ideal for police work. “No citizen of this country is afforded any conditions of protection.”

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Earlier in the day, delegates approved five projects, including Increase in penalties for kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder and possession of weapons in highly cooperative areas. Many initiatives now being implemented in the Senate have gone months without being seen in Congress.

After the policeman’s death, the President reiterated on several occasions that he would accompany the same policemen in some field operations who had acidly criticized the uniformed policemen during his tenure as student president and deputy minister.

However, right-wing opposition has not stopped recalling his past criticisms. “We all have to continue to reflect,” Boric declared Wednesday.

According to official statistics, crimes have increased by 44% last year compared to 2021. The most increased crimes include robbery with violence, surprise and murder.

(With information from AP)

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