Aguero insulted Camvinga in the dressing rooms in Argentina’s celebration

Mexico City /

Many football fans, regardless of nationality, They dreamed of Lionel Messi lifting the World Cup; On the other hand, they don’t want Argentina to reach the world title because they are stubborn.

And confirmation is given with approaches Argentina’s Emiliano Martinez, who humiliated Mexico, is yet to be identified. Tried to give them a hat while touring the streets of Qatar.

Finally there are the painful words of Sergio AgueroA retired player, who was part of Albiceleste’s celebration, made a comment during the live broadcast, rejected first by the French and then by the whole world.

El Cun, holding a bottle of champagne, launches into a song featuring Eduardo Camavinga: “Kemavinga…why…it’s on his face”And now the Argentine streamer’s controversial words.

Why was Aguero in the dressing room?

Sergio Aguero is Lionel Messi’s best friend, which is why he allows almost everything in the Argentine team. Against the Netherlands, after a series of penalties, he invaded the pitch without receiving any kind of clearance.

Faced with the finale, Kuhn received an invitation to spend the previous night attentively, remembering that he had always been La Pulga’s roommate. After being crowned Qatar 2022, he jumped back onto the pitch, even lifting the FIFA trophy and being in the Albiceleste dressing room with the chosen ones.

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