A shooting was reported near a school in Centro Habana

Writing CubitaNOW ~ May 26, 2023 Fri

This Thursday afternoon, there was a shooting in Centro Habana, very close to a school.

Eyewitnesses said that when the scenes started, a man tried to enter the folk dance center.

So far, two people have been injured, a man and a woman, who have been identified as the theatre’s director.

“This is one of those posts where I don’t think about Cuba.

Today, May 25th, they say there was a shooting in Havana… parents were called to pick up the kids at 4:20pm. Once there, they discovered that a boy with a gun and a knife (there are versions that say more than one) had entered the school and tried to set up a shooting,” said Edmundo Dantes Jr.

A video circulating on social networks also shows the testimony of two children who tell their version of what happened.

“Thank you very much to those who sent me these videos. I will do everything I can to expose the violence in Cuba. We cannot allow violence to continue to grow in the streets of the country. We cannot allow violence. Normalize violence, it is normal for children to say, “They killed someone”… Cuba was a safe country. … is that…” Edmondo Dantes questioned.

One of the children said that the officers captured two men on a motorcycle and opened fire outside the school.

Cuban International journalist Chris Rojas also reported what happened on his social networks. “They are reporting sightings on Consulato Street between Amistad and Virtues, next to the Torres Canals School in Centro Habana,” he said.

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“About 5 shots were heard. Children from a nearby school were immediately taken by their parents,” the journalist explained, citing witnesses of the event.

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