A new legal immigration program for the United States: who can apply and how

The temporary stay process is free and only allows arrival by air as attempts to cross over land are subject to fines. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz//File photo

This Friday, January 6, is an extension A new US immigration program Monthly admission up to 30 thousand migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and NicaraguaThey can get authorization to enter North America by air, but only if they make their request online.

Blas Nunez-NetoThe US Department of Homeland Security’s Assistant Secretary for Border and Immigration Policy emphasized in a press conference. This process is freeBut to apply for this program candidates have to do it online from their home countries.

The North American official clarified the procedure for that Temporary Permanent Process for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans It is completely free, but exclusive to the Internet, which is why citizens of these four countries warned not to fall into the hands of smugglers (coyotes).

He also stressed that those trying to enter the US illegally through the land border through Mexico. They can no longer be beneficiaries of this scheme And you have to wait up to five years to reapply for these types of benefits.

Those who are accepted can safely enter the United States.  REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez/File photo
Those who are accepted can safely enter the United States. REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez/File photo

Accepted asylum applicants will receive permission to enter the United States by air, where they will receive a 2-year stay and work permit.

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1- Each applicant must have a “sponsor” who is already a legal resident of the United States, who must demonstrate that they have the financial resources to support the applicant’s expenses. Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti oh Nicaragua.

2- A request must be made From the country of birth Through an online platform https://www.uscis.gov/es/CHNV.

The The process is free And it only requires an internet connection, as part of the assistance to the applicants, there is a virtual assistant called Emma to answer the questions and fill the form correctly.


3- If the applicant obtains a legal entry permit to the United States, they must pay for a plane ticket, and once they arrive in the United States, they will receive a work permit and legal stay for two years.

4- Immigrants who enter the Mexican border illegally cannot apply for the benefits of this program, and if detained at the Mexican border with the United States, they will be immediately deported and will be fined for five years. Try applying again. New account.

The project will be supported by Mexican authorities, which will be provided monthly Up to 30 thousand people Those who tried to cross the border.

Regarding the smuggling of migrants by sea, Nuñez-Neto warned that this is the most dangerous route through which human traffickers take the lives of civilians. Cuba Y Haiti.

(Colebrenza - Alvaro Tavera)
(Colebrenza – Alvaro Tavera)

Considering the increase in arrivals through this last method, the US resources are limited to solve this kind of problem, so people are in grave danger at sea, and for this reason he called on them to continue the regulated migration process adequately. Arrive safely without risking their lives.

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The Under-Secretary for Border and Immigration Policy has acknowledged that there have been high levels of illegal entry in recent months, with an average 8 thousand appointments daily At the border, however, he stressed that the project that began a few months ago with people of Venezuelan origin has had positive results. Cuba, Haiti Y Nicaragua.

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