A man’s anger for getting a trophy for 500 pesos at Christmas

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Los Christmas exchanges They aim to promote coexistence between co-workers, friends or family, and a price limit is usually established to prevent one from receiving a simple gift when the other receives an expensive item.

However, some people don’t respect the exchange type and give it up, which is usually a nightmare An ordinary cup Others received excellent grades and planned gifts.

This seems to be the reality of someone who lashed out at a recording artist who realized he had touched one of these kitchen items.

“A cup or what? Are you playing or what?” The man in his 50’s or 60’s was staring angrily at the gift in disbelief. It should be noted that in this particular exchange, it is established The minimum price is 500 Mexican pesos For each gift.

Although some cups are too much 200 paise Whether they are collectible or have more complex shapes and forms, the gift of the man who went viral on TikTok was so simple that it was far from agreement with his peers.

In a fit of rage and anger, he began to tell the recorder that he was the one who had given him the cup, “I’m telling you right.” Everyone tried to reassure him, but the author of “Interesting Detail” had a very clear idea from the beginning: Give the agreed gift.

After making him angry for a few seconds, the young man told him “Never judge a book by its cover, I know you need it, I left you, look, I left more money in the wrapper.” Then he showed that there was Just 2,000 pesos in 500-peso bills, The act of calming an angry subject.

In this way, what could have turned out to be a sad Christmas story, became A very favorable situation Mr.. In the comments, the following messages can be read by other Internet users, it should be noted that the post went viral from different profiles.

“That was great” “I also want a cup of ‘500 paisa’ like that”, “The man needed it, and that’s why he was angry. It’s clear that he wasn’t greedy.” On the other hand, there were those who felt that the recording was false and was only intended to create a funny scene for the social network of short videos.

“Looks super overacting”, “Wow, what else?”, other comments. Getting a trophy in an office exchange or any other environment has gone from a real situation to a meme, and there are dozens of these types of videos on TikTok where these types of cases are illustrated.

While gifts should be given in good faith, it is true that receiving a gift that can be bought on the spur of the moment without feeling the excitement of opening it is a total injustice. A perfectly thought out gift for someone.

On the other hand, some people started sharing similar incidents like “This happened to me and they gave me Mug that says State Govt Y With sweets from Kilo And all melted away, I stayed like that (like a clown).

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