A magnificent gold-covered mummy was discovered in a sealed sarcophagus in Egypt

  • Kathryn Armstrong
  • BBC News

image source, Good pictures


Four tombs were discovered at the Saqqara archaeological site south of Cairo.

The discovery made by archaeologists in Egypt was surprising: a mummified body covered in gold inside a sealed sarcophagus that had not been opened in 4,300 years.

The remains of a man named Hegasheps are believed to be one of the mummies Kingless The oldest and most complete yet discovered in Egypt.

It was found in a 15 meter deep grave ChakraSouth of Cairo, three other tombs were also discovered.

The largest of the mummies found in that ancient necropolis, according to investigations, belonged to a man named Khnumdjedef. A clergyman and Assistant to the Lords.

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