PDP Rep Caucus urges National Chairman Secondus to resign, saying he has no vision for the party

Prince Uche Secondus, the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Caucus of the House of Representatives has called for the resignation of the party’s National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus.

The PDP Rep Caucus urged him to make personal sacrifices and resign honourably to enable the party to have an early start.

This was a part of the resolution reached by the PDP Reps Caucus after meeting on Saturday, August 7th, over the crisis rocking the party.

In a statement on Sunday, the Chairman of the PDP Rep. Caucus, Kingsley Chinda, and the deputy, Onyema Chukwuka, said; it was “concerned that a further three months under the rulership of the Chairman will do grave injustice to the party and put us in a precarious situation as every hour should matter now.”

They resolved to “asks the BoT and the Governors’ Forum of the PDP to ensure immediate and firm resolution of current challenges so as to enable a re-engineering, re-focusing process that would restore party members and millions of other Nigerians’ hope and confidence in the PDP as an alternative to the current dysfunctional, irresponsive and rudderless government of APC with its attendant suffering, miseries, political deceit, economic woes, insecurity and all-round disappointment foisted on millions of Nigerian families across the federation.”

The caucus further noted that “much confusion, finger-pointing and needless noise around the party’s national headquarters have obfuscated the noble objectives and lofty ideals of the PDP and democratic opposition politics in Nigeria.”

Adding that the National Chairman “seems much more contented with occupying the office and therefore preoccupied with holding onto his position rather than preparing for next elections; this explains for his inexplicably missing endless opportunities that ought to have been utilized for consolidating a viable opposition; skewing party congresses to favour personal future ambition and frustrating genuine party members across states which have resulted in the mass exit of party members at the National Assembly.”

It also expressed worries that “there is no clear road map, blueprint or policy programme for the PDP by the chairman, thus the party is allowed to flow with the tide, only showing up with weak press releases once in a while without commensurate sustainable action.

“Notes too that the lax and bedroom managerial attitude of the Chairman who runs the party from his home and only surfaces in the party office for meetings, coupled with several promises without commensurate action has led to inept management of complaints, despondency amongst members and consequently an exodus of members of the party at all levels, including a member of the Board of Trustee of the party”, the caucus said.

It further added that “whilst these misfortunes befell the party and concerned party members are busy trying to stem the tide, the party Chairman has carried on as if all is well and does not appear to see the caldron awaiting the party if it continues on that trajectory.”

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