Bullets and force alone cannot stop criminality in Nigeria – Ex-President Jonathan

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan during a book presentation in Rivers State

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has told the Federal Government that bullets and force alone cannot stop insecurity in Nigeria.

Jonathan spoke at the 50th birthday reception of Chief Osita Chidoka, a former Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and former Minister of Aviation.

The former president noted that crimes and criminology requires top quality programmes of government, technology and other tactics to combat.

He also reveal that the day Osita was born was coincidentially the day armed robbers were first publicly shot in Nigeria.

“The celebration of 50th birthday of Osita shows that he is a special person. So, it is a happy moment for all of us. Osita Chidoka is a blessing to the nation and those close to him know him very well.

“I didn’t know him until when I got involved in politics and get to Abuja as a vice president and when I took over after I lost my President.

“I have seen in him lots of talents, very talented very strategic. And he is somebody that really go for a number of things. He is a gift to Anambra State, he is gift to Nigeria and we wish him well.

“(This is a) Very unique date. The day you (Osita) were born was the day armed robbers were first shot in Nigeria, it speaks a lot. Very unique. Luckily you are not an armed robber. But gone were the days when armed robbers were being shot.

“With the cases of armed robbery and others going on now shows clearly that bullets alone cannot stop it or other criminal activities in human beings.

“It requires top quality programmes of government, it requires technology, it requires a lot to stop armed robbery and all forms of crimes, including corruption that we talk about every day,” Jonathan said.

Ex-President Jonathan however stated that while government were killing armed robbers, other were robbing the pockets in the same arena and that is the kind of society Nigerians are in today.

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