Police confirms arrest, killing of Gulak’s killers; IPOB denies involvement

Alhaji Ahmed-Gulak

The Imo State Police Command has announced the arrest of gunmen who killed Ahmed Gulak, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), and former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Alhaji Gulak was shot dead on Sunday morning in Imo State while on his way to catch a flight at the Sam Mbakwe Airport in Owerri, the capital of Imo State.

The driver of the vehicle that took him to the airport was said to have been grilled by security agents and he described the Vehicles the Hoodlums used as One Toyota Camry 2005 Silver color, Toyota Sienna 1998 Model Gold Color, Toyota Hilux White colour and Lexus RX 330 Gold Color.

The police said; “Police teams from the Special forces,PMF, IRT, IMO State Command Tactical Units who have all reached the Scene of the killing were directed to immediately Proceed on Patrol and look for those Vehicles.

“Fortunately at Afor Enyi Ogwgu junction in Same LGA the Police Teams came in contact with the Hoodlums with same Vehicles mentioned by the Driver, The Hoodlums were said to have confiscated a trailer loaded with Onions from the North at Enyiogugu, Mbaise, and were busy sharing the onions to the local Population as they also took positions to Protect themselves and attack any incoming Security agents. Three people were killed in that incident.

“The Hoodlums on sighting the Police teams immediately Opened fire on the teams and the Galant teams returned Fire and eventually fatally wounded 10 of the Hoodlums during the gun battle while others were pursued as they escaped with their vehicles. 3 of the Four Vehicles Toyota Sienna, Toyota Hilux and Toyota Camry use by the IPOB/ESN Terrorist for their Operation were Demobilized/Recovered and 7 of the Terrorist with bullet wounds were completely burnt down inside the Toyota Sienna and Hilux Vehicles that caught fire during the Gun battle.

“3 Ak47 Rifles, 1 English Pistol, 5 Ak47 Magazines, 92 Ak47 Ammunition, Several Charms and 3 Operational Vehicles of the IPOB/ESN were recovered.

“Serious efforts in progress to trace and arrest Several wounded IPOB/ESN Terrorist members who are hiding in the surrounding Forrest and villages. The 3 bodies of the IPOB/ESN Terrorist not burnt down were brought to the Police state Headquarters while efforts to recover the burnt bodies of the Hoodlums to the Police state HQ in Progress.”

“The driver who drove late Ahmed Gulak and a co- victim who survived have all identified the dead body of the IPOB/ESN members positively as their attackers and also identified the three vehicles recovered as those used by the attackers.

“During the encounter, two of the police armored personnel carriers (APC) were riddled with bullets but survived the gun battle.”

Also, an aide to Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, Ambrose Nwaogwugu, alleged that credible security sources reveals that IPOB were behind Gulak’s assassination.

“I can confirm from Intel from credible security sources that ipob/ESN terrorists were responsible for the attack that murdered Sen. Almad Gulak and they have been apprehended, and scores neutralized in the process by our gallant security operatives.”

Funeral prayers for Gulak were conducted yesterday evening at the National Mosque in Abuja, after which he was buried at the Gudu Cemetry.

Meanwhile, IPOB in a statement denied reports linking it to the murder of Gulak, noting that the assassination of politicians is not part of its agenda.

“We, therefore, state without equivocations that IPOB knows nothing about the said assassination. In the first place, what threat did the late Gulak constitute to our cause to warrant his elimination? We had nothing in common with him and could not have in any way killed him.

“Pointing accusing fingers at IPOB for this barbaric act is only meant to divert attention away from the real masterminds. This is the same way terrorists in security uniform commit various atrocities in South East and turn around to blame IPOB for their crimes just to tarnish our global reputation.

“This is purely a smokescreen to justify their long-awaited plan to declare another special military operation in the Eastern region to kill more innocent Biafrans.

“Instead of the security agencies to properly investigate the incident and possible factors, they switch to accuse IPOB of a crime we know nothing about. Did IPOB have the itinerary of the late Gulak to have waylaid him at the airport?”

President Muhammadu Buhari has also stated that those behind the murder of Gulak would not go unpunished.

He expressed outrage and disgust over the incident; “I’m repulsed by such premeditated and gruesome murder of Gulak by evil people who are determined to undermine the peace, unity and territorial integrity of our country.

“Let me warn however that nobody or group of people who engages in such despicable acts should expect to go free. We will deploy all resources at our disposal to ensure that such callous and criminal elements are brought to justice.”

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