Buhari’s government worried because i am blessing Nnamdi Kanu. If they attack me, God’s anger will come upon them – Fr Mbaka

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka with President Muhammadu Buhari

Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the Adoration Ministry Enugu, has stated that disaster is looming in Nigeria.

He warned clerics in Nigeria not to make themselves an instrument of disaster by protecting those killing the poor.

Mbaka further noted that no amount of blocking of the National Assembly and the security in Aso Rock Villa would secure Nigeria “if they don’t take care of youths and give them jobs, and address all these issues the Holy Spirit raised on that Wednesday.”

He also warned the Buhari administration against attacking him, unless they want heaven’s anger to fall on them.

“The last person this administration should fight is Father Mbaka because if they speak against me, the anger of heaven will be upon them and how they will end will shock everybody.

“I represent the poor, the less privileged. I represent the nobodies; I represent the unemployed, I represent the sick, I represent the dehumanised. All the downtrodden in this country, I am their father.

“So, when my children are crying I cannot be silent,” he said, noting that it wasn’t the first time he would be speaking against bad governance of this regime.”

“If they are worried that I am blessing Nnamdi Kanu, wherever he is, God is blessing him. He is breathing; that he sleeps and wakes up, is it not blessing? Or is he not my brother? Spiritually, is he not my son? So what is their problem? They are busy branding people and communities terrorists. “If what is happening in Kaduna, Kano, Nasarawa, Maiduguri, Benue, Niger; if all these places are branded terrorist states, will the whole Nigeria not be branded a terrorist country? If anybody says the truth, the person becomes a terrorist,” he added.

“They should be careful because the insecurity I am talking about can affect them. Even the Shehu Garba who is talking, the bandits can come and kill him,” he added.

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