Nigeria Police says it has rescued abducted police officers; BBC reveals they were released by bandits not rescued

The Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Adamu

The Nigeria Police has announced the rescue of nine police officers abducted by bandits on November 8 in Katsina State.

The officers (all Assistant Superintendents of Police) were abducted around Kankara town while on their way to Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State.

According to DCP Frank Mba, the NPF spokesman, in a statement titled, ‘All nine missing police officers rescued,’ said that two of the officers were currently receiving medical attention in a hospital, while the remaining sever were being debriefed.

Mba noted that the officers where on mufti and unarmed when their bus came under attack by heavily armed men dressed in military camouflage.

“Two of the officers are currently receiving medical attention in a hospital, while the remaining seven are being debriefed. Follow-up investigation into the incident is still ongoing.”

The kidnappers had demanded N100million ransom for their release.

The police noted that a covert operation was lunched immediately, adding that the delay in commenting on the incident was a deliberate decision aimed at protecting the integrity and confidentiality of the rescue operation.

Mba noted that investigation revealed that the abduction of the officers was an opportunistic crime “as the officers were all travelling in mufti, unarmed and alongside other private citizens in the commercial vehicle.”

However, as seen on The Punch, the BBC Hausa allegedly, reported that the police officers were released by the bandits after they collected a ransom following intervention of some repentant bandits.

The BBC report revealed that some repentant bandits in Zamfara spoke with the Katsina bandits who abducted the offciers before they were freed.

“Although no ransom was paid for the release of the police officers according to the source, one of the rescued officers said he paid ransom before he was released,” the BBC report added (as seen on The Punch).

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