Lawyers vehemently condemns Federal Government for describing legitimate #EndSARS protesters as suspected terrorists


The Federal Government of Nigeria has been vehemently criticised for tagging #EndSARS promoters as terrorists.

The Central Bank of Nigeria had in a suit before an Abuja Federal High Court, told the court that the #EndSARs promoters were suspected of terrorists activities. The CBN obtained an order to freeze the accounts of the protesters who are legitimate Nigerian citizens protesting for a better nation.

The CBN told Justice A.R. Mohammed in the case with suit number FHC/ABJ/CS/1384/2020, that the funds in the accounts used to facilitate the #EndSARS protests, might have emanated from terrorist activities.

Reacting to the development however, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) said that the freezing of the accounts of the protesters shows that the Federal Government was insincere.

Dr. Raps Nduka, the Publicity Secretary of the NBA, noted that the #EndSARS protests were lawful and legitimate.

“The timing looks very suspicious. The protests are lawful and the demands of the protesters and the concerns they expressed are genuine.

“What has happened shows that the protesters were right to insist that they were not going to leave the streets because over time, the government would promise something and do the opposite. This action of the CBN lends credence to the position taken by the youth.

“Even if the government is right, who will believe it at this time? The government makes it look like it is trying to silence people from talking about the ills of the society. Why does the government appear to be doing that?

“It tells us that the government may not be doing anything to ensure that the complaints are being addressed. It also tells us that that their original claims that they were standing with the youth were pretences. You cannot be standing with them and freeze their accounts. It does not work that way.

“Let us assume that the allegations are true, what happens to discrete investigation? Why should they block the accounts of persons because you are investigating them? Why don’t they be on the trail of the money going into the accounts, assuming the allegations are true?

“The time is very suspicious. It lends credence to the belief of the average Nigerian that the government is not being sincere.”

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