Army, Navy, Air Force received N238billion within two years to tackle insecurity– Budget Office Report reveals

Service Chiefs and Inspector General of Police

Reports from the Budget Office of the Federation shows that the Ministry of Defence, the Defence Headquarters, the Army, Navy and Air Force, received over N238billion in 2018 and 2019 to tackle insecurity in country.

The DHQ, Army, Navy and Air Force had budgeted over N316billion for its operations and programmes in 2018 and 2019, but the Federal Government however released about 75% of the budgeted sum (N238billion).

According to the report, the FG appropriated N157billion for capital projects and operations and released N132billion.

In 2019, the FG allocated N159billion for capital projects and operations, but released N106.84billion.

These amount according to reports are different from the $1billion approved by the FG from the Excess Crude Account to fight the Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East.

Read the 2018 report in parts below;

“The mandate of the defence ministry is to provide administrative and support services, timely and effectively to enable the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to maintain the territorial integrity of the country.

“In order to prepare the Nigeria Armed Forces for combat on Land, Sea and Air, the government allocated a total of N157.72bn in the 2018 Budget to implement its capital projects and programmes.

“Out of this amount, N132.77 bn was released and cash-backed while N126.17bn was utilised as at the end of the fourth quarter of the year. For the navy, the sum of N27.45bn was allocated in the 2018 budget to implement its capital projects and programmes. Out of this amount, N23.78bn was released, cash-backed and utilised as at the end of the fiscal year.

“The Nigeria Air Force is charged with the responsibility of providing air defence to the nation and ensuring the integrity of the airspace by gaining and maintaining control of the nation’s airspace. To achieve this objective, a total of N44.65bn was allocated to this arm of the military to implement its capital projects and programmes. Out of this amount, N27.83bn was released, cash backed and utilised in the 2018 fiscal year.”

Read the 2019 report in parts below;

“Under the 2019 budget, the defence sector was allocated a total of N159.13bn in the 2019 budget for the implementation of its capital projects and programmes.

“Out of this amount, N106.84bn was released and cash-backed, while N103.11bn was utilised as at December 31, 2019. The following agencies and projects were monitored; one of them is the Defence Corporation of Nigeria which is operated by the Nigerian Armed forces. The DICON is responsible for the production of defence equipment and civilian products such as artillery, explosives, munitions, small arms, Armoured vehicles, etc.

“To achieve this mandate, a total of N3.23bn was allocated in the 2019 appropriation to implement its capital projects and programmes. Out of this amount, N1.29bn was released, cash-backed and utilised.”

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