Wadume: Before soldiers shot and killed IRT policemen, they begged for their lives, but the soldiers still shot them at close range – survivor

Alhaji Hamisu Wadume apprehended by the Police

One of the survivors of the attack by Capt. Tijjani Balarabe and his soldiers on the Intelligence Response Team of the Inspector General of Police has revealed that soldiers fired several rounds at their vehicle even after it crashed.

Inspector Mathias Abba made the revelation in his statement to the Joint Investigation Panel probing the killing of 3 policemen and 2 civilians during the gruesome attack by soldiers of the 93 Battalion Takum which happened on August 6, 2019.

The Police inspector noted that the slain cops begged for their lives, but the soldiers did not spare them, as they used their General Multipurpose Machine Gun on them.

Abba who was shot in his right leg noted that none of the IRT personnel died from the vehicle crash, insisting that his colleagues were killed by bullets from the soldiers.

He said they had earlier identified themselves at two military checkpoints and police checkpoints while on their way to apprehend millionaire kidnap kingpin, Hamisu Bala (aka Wadume).

“On getting to the last military checkpoint, we heard firing and the driver managed to pass but the firing continued. When I looked back, a Toyota picnic with the full headlight and a Hilux van were coming after us at full speed.

“When the speed from the Toyota was not enough because it was loaded with soldiers, the army patrol van overtook the Toyota and we heard the rapid fire of the GPMG mounted on the van.

“Our driver wanted to stop, but everyone was confused, so the (gun) fire from the GPMG caused our vehicle to somersault several times but the military kept firing at our vehicle despite the fact that our vehicle was already down.”

Inspector Abba noted that he crawled to a nearby bush as his other colleagues made efforts to come out of the crashed vehicle.

“Everybody was alive, nobody died in the accident but while I was watching, some of my men came out of the bus and escaped. The soldiers brought out the rest from the vehicle and fired shots at them at close range.

“Before they shot them, some of them (policemen) were begging them (soldiers) not to kill them, but the soldiers turned deaf ears and murdered them all.

“After killing them, one Capt Balarabe moved the suspected kidnapper (Wadume) in handcuffs into a military patrol vehicle and drove him away.”

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