Nobody will frighten or intimidate us – Northern youth protesters tells Buhari

Katsina protesters burns President Muhammadu Buhari's billboard

The Coalition Against Killings in Northern Nigeria have said that they would not be intimidated by the arrest of one of their leaders during a peaceful protest against insecurity in the north.

Nastura Shariff, the Chairman of one of the northern youth groups, had been arrested and detained by the police during a protest on Tuesday. He was however released on Thursday following public outrage.

The northern group had demanded the immediate removal of service chiefs, saying that the north had the worst set of incompetent leaders in the last five years.

As seen on Punch, the spokesman for the coalition, Murtala Abubakar, said; “If the government thinks it is going to use the arrest of the CNG (BoT) chairman to frighten us, then it is joking. I am telling you that nobody is going to be intimidated or frightened by that arrest. We have taken a position and we are conscious of the dangers involved.

“We are ready to make sacrifices for the generation yet unborn so that we can have a secure and peaceful environment for our people. So, the arrest is not going to deter us. This is even going to make us to prepare for the challenges ahead. We are aware that the challenges ahead won’t be an easy task but this intimidation is something that we are prepared for.

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