Bandits takeover Sokoto villages, sack political and traditional institutions, appoints their own judges

Senator Ibrahim Gobir, the lawmaker representing Sokoto East Senatorial District, has revealed that some parts of his constituency are under the control of bandits.

According to the senator, bandits has taken over the areas, sacked constituted authorities, and appointed their own traditional rulers and judges.

The senator who spoke to The Punch noted that the bandits sacked traditional and political institutions in villages around the area, adding that government forces could not protect the people because the criminals are more equipped with better weapons.

“Our biggest problem now is that the bandits have taken over many villages and are having a field day,” the APC senator said.

He further noted that Nigerians residing in border towns close to the Republic of Niger were a little bit safe because the Nigerien security forces protects them.

Read excerpt from the interview below (as seen on The Punch);

“They have constituted themselves as judges. They have sacked the traditional and political institutions there, so there are no judges at all.

“The bandits now settle disputes between people. They resolve quarrels between husband and  wife and so on.”

“If you look at the situation in that area, there is no farming because if the bandits find you on the farm, they will shoot you.

“If you sell a cow, the following day or at night,  someone will come and collect the money.

“They sometimes surround a whole town or village and kill as many as they can and then take away whatever they want and burn the whole place.

“There was even a time bandits stormed our area and our people ran away into the bush. The bandits still pursued them and set the bush on fire and killed all our people there,” he revealed.

“They come to our aid because they have some soldiers around border towns not too far from some of our villages. They are the people that we now depend on to help us.

“The Nigerian Army is not helping us. We are really having challenges in that area. If we call the Nigerian Army to come to our aid, they will come but they will not go after the bandits.

“They will complain that the weapons being used by the bandits are more sophisticated than theirs.

“This is the problem that we are facing. We have discussed;  they said they would come to our aid and make sure that our people are rescued but we haven’t seen any improvement.”

“We are not sure that the Senate resolution would make much impact because this is just one of the resolutions we have been passing and nothing has come out.

“As a citizen of this country,  a situation where my people will be sleeping and someone will just knock on their door and command them to surrender whatever they have is a problem.

“They would seize their wives or children and then kill the breadwinner. It is really pathetic,” he lamented.

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